We know that the sophisticated, worldly and urbane readers of this journal will find this old hat, but yesterday we were talking to a man in his fifties, a man not unaware of the ways of the world, who had no idea of this phenomenon.

We were reminded of a sad story we once heard about a man whose fiance ejaculated on his face during cunnilingus. He was so disgusted by her ‘pissing in his mouth’ that he never slept with her again.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive lesson but, just for the record, we thought we’d advise you that women can ejaculate during sex. It is a natural (and some think really groovy) part of the female sexual response.

Research continues, but most studies show that the ejaculated fluid is not urine, though it shares some components with urine. Though it may be an acquired taste, the fluid is said by some to be a deliciously tangy brew.

It seems likely that the fluid is produced in the paraurethral glands (sometimes called Skene’s glands) which surround the urethra extending from near it’s opening some two or three inches along the front of the vaginal canal.

These glands are thought to be the female equivalent of the prostate gland in men.

The swelling of these glands during sexual stimulation may result in a protuberance on the front wall of the vagina, which is thought to constitute the G-spot.

Stimulation of the G-spot region can help promote female ejaculation (FE).

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We find it strange that female ejaculation is so rarely discussed in our society. And if one believes, like we do, that having a fulfilling sexual life is one of the fundamental human rights, then you would share our sense of tragedy about the level of ignorance in our society regarding female ejaculation.

The sad story we mentioned above is possibly fairly typical of what happens when a girl involuntarily ejaculates during her early sexual experiences. Just as bad, the girl is probably ignorant as well. Not knowing what she has done, she can not resist the urge to succumb to self-disgust and turn off that channel. It is just one of the sexual inhibitions which run rampant through our society.

Here’s a quote from

Female sexuality is marred by these unwritten laws. It is hard to relax and enjoy sex if you are worried about sweating heavily or producing too much vaginal lubrication. Women who produce large quantities of vaginal lubrication, sweat, and who ejaculate have been known to avoid sex rather than expose their partner or themselves to these fluids.

‘Since women have no control over the release of these fluids during sexual activities some avoid sex all together rather than risk being seen as less than feminine by their partner. Though a woman’s desire for sex may increase during her menstrual period she may not engage in sex during this time because she fears she will make a mess of things and is inherently undesirable. Social mores concerning female body fluids can significantly restrict female sexuality and pleasure.’

Thirty or so years ago there was an onslaught of publicity, mostly in the all powerful Cleo and Cosmo magazines, about women having the right to have an orgasm. Now is the era of female ejaculation. We are pleased to advise the formation of a new lobby group, the Stop Killing Women’s Ejaculatory Response Team (SKWERT).

Their stated goals are to introduce awareness of FE into the highschool sex education curriculum, to gain funding for a national television advertising campaign promoting FE, and to create a publicly funded national network of clinics where women can rediscover their ejaculatory response.

If you would like to join SKWERT in their crusade, you can email them here

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