The Phoenix, Wednesday 14th Oct, 2009
Bic Parker, Special Correspondent

Last night was not a really good night. I had a headache and it had stopped raining heavily, it had slowed and was only irritating. None the less, in order to maintain the status quo I turned up to the Phoenix to see what I could see.

I found an out of the way seat (down the back). There were only twenty or so people in the place. The first group (Ed – Fayrouz) got up to play and there was a lot that was not revealed by this trio of nineteen or twenty year olds. Musically they did manage some nice interactions between their two guitars with one going off with some lovely sounding breaks. The enthusiastic djembe player might have to review his contribution to the ménage. The drum produced a sound that squashed the acoustic quality these boys possessed.

I have got to admire them though. They manage to make music. It was sort of like if Segovia was jamming with Mark Bolan. One of their standards, and maybe it was just the New York style of vocal, a song titled Sorry Sandra which turned out to be Sorry Sarah (the entirety of the lyric). A thrash, punk, grunge, concoction, a cover of the Beatles as well as the sound check concluded these guys presentation. And that was that.

I don’t think they were in the mood but they added to the rain with their ‘we know we can do more but tuff titty’. They took their ball and went home which is what I was going to do had it not been for Sean Keaton (Ed – Sean Smeaton) jumping into the breach. He blew everyone down to Shooters with his loud projection-able voice, which I had previously found quite pleasant easy listening after seeing him at the Hippo Bar (different venue, sound man etc). He was entertaining enough to save my evening, but my head was conducting its own little downpour. So reluctantly I adjourned, perplexed about Canberra’s Wednesday night out.

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