Vietnam Letters #61

Postmark 29th June, 1970

James Street, Berridale

N.S.W. 2628

(Sun) 28-6-70

My Dearest Jock, Well I guess you are out bush again now, but I hope it isn’t for too long, & I hope you are able to receive some mail while you are out. There was 8AM Mass on here to-day, but I went back to sleep after the alarm went off & miss it, so we went into 6 o’clock Mass in Cooma to-night, & the boys played up all the time during Mass & especially while I was at Holy Communion, I could hear them laughing & talking at the top of their voices, & when I got home to-night I took them into the bedroom & pulled down their pants & made them bend over the bed & I went along & gave each of them 2 smacks each on the bear bottom, & then stood them in the corner. I think there will have to be a lot more of it too as they just won’t take any notice of anything I say to them & even a good hard spanking with my hand doesn’t make any difference either. The treatment they got to-night seems to be the only thing that takes effect. They just seem to be becoming completely out of hand lately. I haven’t been feeling the best lately, I have been feeling very tired & I just can’t wake up of a morning, each morning it gets later & later. I am really ashamed to admit it but it was 10.40 when I got up this morning & I felt tired all day, it was about 3PM this afternoon, before I started to feel as though I had any energy in me at all, & I have had a pain in my Bladder, so I think I may have the infection in the Bladder again. I will go down & see Dr. Shedden on Tuesday. He said that, that other trouble I had when you were home could cause an infection in the Bladder. But I certainly hope it isn’t as it took me so long to get over the last one. I eventually got around to writing to Mel to-day, but I don’t think I will send her the little gift I bought to send to her, as I’ve been thinking it over, & if anyone came to stay here, I would be only to pleased to have them & I would feel a little embarrased if they, gave me a gift like when Lorraine (Kerrod’s old girlfriend) gave me that Tupper Ware vase. I like to think that people (our friends) would like to come & visit us & not feel as though they had to pay for our hospitality with a gift & I think that Mel would probably feel the same way. Although a lot of people do that now days. I know that a lot of Mum’s visitors have given her presents, & she has felt awful & wished that they hadn’t. Speaking of Mum I must write to her too as I owe her a letter. Have you received any of the tapes I sent over, you didn’t mention them in your last letter, & you should have received them when you got back in from the bush. Also, did you receive the slides? I had planned to do your Mother’s washing tomorrow, so I must hope that I feel a bit better in the morning than I did this morning, or I won’t be able to manage it. We had a blackout here to-day, it lasted for about 5 1/2 hours. It went off at 20 to 1 this afternoon & came back on at about 6 to-night, although I wasn’t here when it came on, I worked it out by our electric clock. I don’t know what caused it as we were back too late to catch the news on T.V. I suppose I could have heard it on the wireless if I’d have turned it on. Well at least it did a job for me. It defrosted the fridge.

Well my Darling I must close now & get to bed, you have all my thoughts & love always Darling,

Your everloving Wife & lover, Sandra xxxxxxxx

I love you X

Postmark 30th June, 1970

James Street, Berridale

N.S.W. 2628

(Mon) 29-6-70

My Dearest Jock, It was wonderful to receive your letter to-day Honey, & was pleased that you received the slides & a letter & the tape, before you went out bush, but its a shame you couldn’t have received them earlier, especially the tape, as you will have to wait until you get back to hear it. I haven’t seen very much of my neighbour lately, maybe it was because I told him off last time he was here, but he was drunk then & he doesn’t usually remember things that happened when he’s drunk. I have a feeling that someone may have had a talk to him, probably Father, as Mother was very worried about the way he was calling here & bothering me. I have seen him down town & as he has been walking past & he has tried not to speak to me unless he has to, the same way I do with him. Although he called in to-day, when I was putting the clothes on the line & he had a couple of bottles of soft drink & he asked the boys if they wanted a drink, & I didn’t bother to come inside, he & the boys came in & they had their drink & then he left. It was good that you & Peter Cockran could get to-gether again. Have you seen anything of Mick? Well I hope your eighteen days in the bush don’t take long to go for you Darling, & I hope everything goes alright for you. I heard on the news to-night that the 8 Battalion had killed about 4 nogs, about 6 miles out of Nui Dat. Is that where you are? Well I guess I had better finish up & start getting ready for bed Darling. You know sometimes when I get into bed & roll on my side I try to imagine that you are there cuddled up to my back, with your arm around me. Oh, Darling I love you so very much & just wish that this nightmare would soon end & I would wake up & find you here with me. Well speaking of waking up I had better get to bed or I won’t wake up in time to go down to the Dr. in the morning.

Bye for now my love, & may God Bless & protect you,

Yours Always,

Sandra xxxxxx

Postmark 1st July, 1970

District Hospital Cooma

Wed 1st July

Dear Jock. Thought I’d write you a bit of a note. I landed in here last Monday my leg keeps getting worse so the Dr. said rest was the only thing that would do any good the pain has been better since I came in I am only allowed to go to the bathroom in a  wheelchair but that is better than not at all. It’s a very noisy place but they look after you well I suppose they should it’s pretty costly but what can you do. So pleased to hear that you got your promotion congratulations the boys were quite excited when they were telling me. Well the sale is all over at “Alawah” but there is no improvement in the drinking I don’t know what is going to become of him it’s dreadful. It a windy old day here to-day but the sun is shining not bad for July I suppose you will be getting some rain over there I didn’t hear any reports of the party but I suppose it would be a big affair I think Kerrod was going up to Katungra about the 30th so suppose he is on his way I don’t know any more news so I must close.

Lots of love & good luck,

From Mother.

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