Vietnam Letters #62

Postmark 1st July, 1970

Myack St

Monday 29th

Dear Corpral,

Just a few lines to let you know how things are going. Haven’t been doing much for the last week because I have had the bloody rotten flu, but feeling much better now. The weather over here has been quite good, a few heavy frosts but nice fine sunny days.

I am still pretty busy with the wood. I’ve been getting some down at Les Reids at Dalgety but it got too boggy there so I’ve shifted back up here in our range paddock cutting off all those stumps. I got the loan of a dump truck thing off Tony Buljian. She a beauty and can get into all the rough places with it.

My old mate Georgey Freebody gave his arm a pretty bad gash with the chainsaw about 3 weeks ago down at Les & had to take him to Cooma Hospital & get him sown up. It was bad luck but the silly bugger wasn’t in a hospital benefits & no insurance. Now I’m back on my own again but suppose he come back when he gets right again.

I went a got myself a accident policy the other day. Only cost $26 a year & covers me 7 days a week & I get $30 week if I get hurt.

Well I bought myself another truck a bedford the one Lecks had at the garge at Dalgety. She’s not bad but the motor in it s a little bit dicky. Cost me $500. I was going to keep the old one & put the motor out of it in this one but I took her down to Sighters Sale & got offerd $290 for her so I let her go not a bad price. His sale wasn’t too bad everything brought a good price but he had a bloody lot of junk in it. She’s still having a good old spree & been to Sydney the week that you went back. Wayne Cullen wrote & told me that she got rolled up the Cross & went up there to get his clothes washed & a few dollars to get back here again. He lives up here now opp. your place. I went down to help Darcy Scheafer bring his gear up. She’s just bundled it into a few old boxes & pack saddles & threw it on the truck pretty bloody rough moving. I seen him the other day fairly well shot & he reckons he moving out, over to West Aussie bulldozer driving he probaly go but don’t reckon he last too long. Seen Sandra & boys the other day all well & she told me of your promotion. Charles thinks it is pretty good. I suppose more pay now & be able to throw the weight around telling the other poor bastards what to do.

I’ve been to Cooma today to take Mum to see Dr. West. She has had a bad leg & he put her in hospital for 4 or 5 days for some treatment but I suppose it will soon get better.

Barbara & the man are pretty good they had the cold too but the man is OK getting into the shed & one day came out all covered in paint & grease. He sure can get into bloody mischief.

All the rest of the family is OK. Hope you didn’t get too shot on your birthday. Did you get the card I sent you? I’ve been waiting & watching the mail all the week for a present, but hasn’t arrived EH!!! I had quite a quiet day. Went down & had a few ales at Lorna’s that night.

Last week the sheep judging was on we got 1st prize for the team of hoggots & Roy Hedger won the ewes.

Well better close now no more news to tell you. Hope your fit & well & hoping to hear from you soon. SOON.

From Sandy.

Postmark 1st July, 1970

12 Olive St


Dear Jock,

At last I’m here to answer your letter which I received some days back but I’ve been so blasted busy. However old chap I’m glad you arrived back OK. You think they’d run these plane’s on time “eh.” Never mind mate it won’t be long.

Kerrod goes to Queensland Training Centre to-morrow then he’s going over your way. We gave him his 21st birthday on Saturday quite a good show Bob Wal & Betty came down Mum & Dad couldn’t make it but we set them some goodies home with Bob. Fifty guest in all so No 12 Rocked again but beleive me next morning as I should say the same morning there were a few sickies around. He received some very nice gifts.

At the moment we are experiencing some beautiful weather it looks as though we might have a very mild Winter. I heard on the news to-day the Perrisher Motel got burnt to the ground what a blow especially this time of year. Haven’t heard from old John since going back up north but I guess he will soon be back for good. Tim & his family were all over to the party they are all pretty good. <illegible> time is drawing very near bigger enough for <illegible> but she look well. It didn’t take them long to sell your bush. It’s marvellous how quickly one can be moved when they decide. Kerrod has to take all his Gear with him to Queensland he’s going mad about having to take all but that’s Army.

Well Jock I’m seem to be beaten for news so I hope you are fit & I’ll close now & say cheers & good luck. (Congratulations on promotion)

Yours, Bert C.

Dear Jock,

I haven’t got much time to say anything just now, because I’m packing my gear for Cunungara as I’m leaving tomorrow 30/6/70. It’s a great 21st birthday present from the army. But I’m glad of one thing that I’m going by train instead of bus. I suppose you would have herd that I’m going to 102 field wrkhp’s Vung Jau in November. I’ll write when I get back from J.T.C.



Dear Jock,

How’s the women treating you over there from WALLY. Brillent that you made corpral stepping up in the world old mate. all of the bloody birthdays and anaverserys on here again. when you come back I’ll take you for a ride in my car when I get it well can’t think of anything else to say. P.S. excuse writing.



Postmark 1st July, 1970

James Street
N.S.W. 2628

(Tues) 30-6-70

My Dearest Jock,

How are you my Darling? I guess you’re all wet & dirty & tired & looking forward to getting back to camp.

I went down to the Dr. this morning, Dr. Shedden wasn’t there, it was another Dr, who he has helping him now, I don’t know his name. But anyway I took a urine sample down & it was OK. and he said that he thinks that I am just run down & he gave me a big bottle of tonic to pick me up, & he also gave me some tablets for Bladder infection as he said that I may have it, it may be just starting & they probably wouldn’t be able to pick it up in the urine, down there, where as they may be able to in a Pathology department with the right implements, & just in case, he gave me the tablets to take anyway. He didn’t actually say but, by the questions he asked me & his attitude, he thinks that my feeling this way is caused by me worrying about you & missing you. That may have a lot to do with it too, but I think that I may have the bladder infection again as I feel much the same as I did when I had it before & I have been getting a slight pain in my bladder. But anyway the tablets & medicine should fix me up.

Bert was down at the Dr’s this morning & he told me that he was going to go to Perth. He is supposed to be going down to Sydney & has to see some fellow there on Monday about a job over there I think. Well I can’t say that I will miss him anyway.

I went up to your mothers & brought all the washing down & did it to-day, & boy was I sorry that I picked to-day to do it, as there was a very strong wind blowing here to-day, & when I was putting the clothes on the line I was holding on to the line & the clothes with all my strength & the wind was blowing me around with the line.

Nancy asked me this morning to sew a Monaro High School Emblem onto Julie’s sports tunic, as she is playing Hockey at Canberra to-morrow & John is in the long distance running. Well I sewed it on to-night & ironed it & took it down at about 9.30. Nancy told me that she had been into town to-day & had seen Mother & she said that she is looking very well, & that her leg hadn’t been paining much to-day. That’s right I forgot to tell you that Dr. West put Mother into hospital yesterday for about 5 days or however long it takes for her leg to get better. It will do her good to have a rest, for more reasons than her leg.

Barbara called around this afternoon, & stayed for a few hours. She came to get your address for a letter tat Sandy wrote you, which I guess you will receive with this one, & as you will see on the envelope, I went to write Pte again, even though I had it in my mind not to I still did. Just force of habit as I have been writing it for nearly 2 years now, & almost everyday for the past 6 months. While Barbara was here Bert called in with an air rifle or gun (which ever you call them) for the boys & I said that I would put it away for them until they are older, & he said no of course not let the have it now. Imagine giving a thing like that to 4 year olds. Of course the boys thought it was great & wanted to play with it. But after he left Barbara worked out how to use it & let it off & it frightened them & they were only too willing to let me put it away. Not that they could do any harm with it, but it is the principle of the matter. I told them that I’d put it away & when they got to be big boys that you would teach them how to use it. It is too big for them to even hold yet anyway. He also gave me a container for mixing milshakes in, but it has been used some time ago & stinks like mad, it would look nice as a pot for a pot plant so I say use it as that. Sandy called in for a little while, while Barbara was here, just long enough to have a cup of coffee & go again, he ad just come in from the bush with a load of wood.

I received a thank you card from Bev & Dick for the card & bib that I sent them for their new baby, the other day.

Well after looking over this letter, it seems as though quite a lot has happened for one day, so I guess I had better call it a day & get to bed, as it is nearly 11:30. So I will say bye for now my love, you have all my love forever Darling, you have always & always will be the only man for me Darling, & I love you as much as it is possible to love anyone.

May God Bless & protect you Darling,

You everloving & true wife,



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