Domus Adultus @ Hippo Bar, Thursday 22nd Oct, 2009
Bic Parker. Special Correspondent

The evening was not dissimilar to those balmy evenings you get in the Hamptons come fall or Tuscany in its Spring. I could not help noting the cosmopolitan nature of Garema Place, complete with its statue of male nudes (one is under sixteen years old), not unlike the ones you would find in Florence or Venice except that we are in Garema Place, the piazza, the rialto of public places in Civic. Al Grasby would be proud.

Jazz music could be heard coming from my destination, the Hippo Bar. I decided to sit for a few moments in the square and allow the sound to wash over me. For the life of me I could not work out who was performing, but I quite liked the sound of it. A bit Quincy Jones with a little bit of Boz, and a dose of OI OI OI. I wondered!?

After five minutes I gathered myself and went on up and again I was surprised to see Mister Ben Drysdale and his cohort, a lady simply known to me as beck (Ed – Beth Monzo) doin wonders with acoustic and electric bass guitar. There was a small crowd, it was early. It was a warm night.

I found myself chatting with the sound guy. He himself seemed dissatisfied with the sound. It encouraged me to listen more in order to understand what he was talking about. I don’t know that it was affecting anything too much, however vocals are difficult to hear at this venue. It may just be because people don’t enunciate correctly, but hey that’s their problem. I found the next act a little bit Alice in Wonderland for me and I took full advantage of Garema Place and wafted with the sounds..

The night was starting. Time was moving on, One Foot in the Gravy were playing one or two sets. They are committed to the cause. These boys and girl are on the money and very listenable with their unique presentation of r and bee mixed locally. I strolled home leaving the place in the capable hands of the Hippo and One Foot in the Gravy.

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