West Coast Bootleg

Bootleg Sessions @ The Phoenix, Monday 26th Oct, 2009
Bic Parker. Special Correspondent

Last evening, another intermittent cold night, I turned up at the Phoenix Bar (and grill, I wish). There was succour in the form of a good looking duo affectionately known as Winter Flint. Young man with a full red drum kit by the name of Leon. He does know how to use a pair of sticks and he wowed me with some competent and innovative drum solos which went well with the young lady, simply referred to as Jude, who was playing an acoustic guitar and singing her own compositions. Well-versed songs about the realities to living life.

It’s very rare to meet someone who gives you the impression that Janis Joplin is alive and well and giving singing lessons, but this woman knew how to let go from deep within and the telling was in the richness and commitment of her voice. They did not play long enough as far as I was concerned, but they set the bar high.

This performance was followed by a newcomer to the Bootlegs, a man by the name of Owen Willock (hope that is right)(Ed – Woolcock) with a guitar that oozed classic, classy and expensive. Straight away this man sounded so good it made me feel I was alive. The voice was smooth, pleasant and thick like honey, not too deep. It reminded me of someone and noone at the same time, quite a treat and one I am sure we all will experience. He could be a contender.

Following Owen the whole place got caught up in a threesome who played what I called jazz and perhaps with a Cajun influence (Ed – Manouche a Trois). They lacked the traditional Cajun accompiaments of fiddle, squeeze box, alligators and cottonmouths but they set a frantic pace that was enough to make me forget about things for a while. Having forgotten I remembered my bus and hurried off to catch an action hero in action.

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