Acid Rock

Domus Adultus @ The Hippo, Thursday 29th Oct, 2009
Bic Parker, Special Correspondent

I wondered about life as I entered the hub of Civic, past the soup kitchen and the nonchalant crowd downing pints at Micks. I mused over the Christian revivalists and wondered whether they still hold revivals in Bible House? And is chicken gourmet better than KFC?

Hearing music on the air I sat and pondered these questions by the fountain in Garema Place, smoking a cigarette. It (the music) was coming from the Hippo Bar, my destination.

I sat in the back of the club idly watching the crowd whilst taking in this trio (Ed – Amber Nicholls) who were producing  a really sweet mix of mead and honey via a very pretty blonde woman (another pink  look alike). Not my cup of tea, but they seemed to fit in well enough. They could have been a tad loud for this venue (questionable) but apart from that they broke the ice.

The next band was setting up. I waited while the drums were set. The two (electric) guitarists, who were both wearing black, tuned up and conspired with the sound man. They reminded me of Noel and Liam Gallagher of Oasis just by their looks, but they did look cool. Then they started.

Immediately people like Ritchie Blakemore, Ozzie Osborne, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Cream, Blue Oyster Cult popped into my head. In fact the difference between these two and Jimi Hendrix would have just been the acid.

These guys were smoking with lightning dexterity along the frets, great dialogue between the guitars. The band was called something discothèque (Ed – Cartesian Discotec)  and they claimed it was a new line up. The lead had a good voice that lent itself to amplification. I thought they were really hot and worth listening to. They definitely knew what they were doin and they didn’t fuck around. These guys are definitely getting my vote for keeping the faith and remembering acid rockers. long live rock and roll.

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