Vietnam Letters #64

Postmark 5th July, 1970

1st July 1970

My Dearest Sandra,

So sorry my dear for not writing in these last few days, but it has just about been impossible, as it has done nothing but rain, and we have been out in the bush amoungst it all. If you are not wet then you are covered head to foot with mud. We were in the rubber for a week ambushing but nothing came along, so we have been sent back into the jungle. Everybody is starting to feel the strain of the weather now, blocks are going down all the time with the heat and humidity. Since I have been made up I have no time to myself, all the time doing some thing or another and orginiseing things that have to be done, I think I would rather be a baggy arse again with all the time in the world, but there is one good things about it, it keeps my mind occupied all the time and the days seem to be going by much quicker. At the moment we are on a ridge blocking the Nogs from an exit while A&B coys are on the other side, the <illegible> have been droping shells in for about an hour or so now, won’t be long untill A&B coys start there sweep through towards us, and may be drive a few Nogs in towards us.

It’s near hell here when it rains, there is just no way of keeping dry, the ground is that flat, that when it rains the ground is covered with 2 or 3 inches of water. The last week or so all I have been doing is sleeping on my pack and <illegible>, at least only half my body is in the water that way. The shells are droping in much closer now, the blast is near deafening, just blast after blast, I sure wouldn’t like to be out there. Anyway so much for me and my troubles, how are you getting along, I sure hope everything is going OK for you dear, how I would love to be there with you, but it’s like you say it’s half over now and won’t be long untill it’s all over for us anyway I love you Sandra.


Dear Sandra,

Well here it is very near another re-supply, and boy do we need it I think most of us will be going hungry for the last day as we have been wet and cold for most of the time and been eating fairly well, you have no idear how we live in the wet, it’s got me beat why we bother putting up with it, we are always completely covered with mud and wet all the time. It’s not very nice when it comes dark and we are looking for some high ground to sleep on, but there is never any there, so we settle down in the mud and the mosies play living hell with us, it’s just misery all the time.


Well dear another day another dollar, and that’s just about all it means to me over here. Yes it’s still raining and muddy as ever. We have been patrolling the last few day but at the moment we are in Ambush for the night, it’s now 4pm I haven’t had mush time for writing lately, so could you please thank everyone for the birthday cards I have received and I shall write as soon as I can. Well we get re-supplied tomorrow, thank God as everyone is out of food, also hope to get some mail from you my love. I only wish I were home with you, the boys need their father & their mother needs a husband and the father needs you all, Sandra I love you all and only prey that time passes quickly so that we all can be to-gether soon.


Well here it is another Saturday I think, I know it’s the 4th but not sure of the day. Had quite a good sleep last night and for a change was warm and fairly dry. We are just sitting around for an hour or so now waiting or the re-supply to come in, but I guess the rush will soon be on again soon. Sandra there is not so much for me to write about just now, except I am well and can put up with things for a few more months (I think). I sure hope everything is going ok for you and that the boys are not sick and behaveing themselfs. I only hope the return to Australia of the battallion is much sooner than we think, that would be the best news for about seven hundred men I can think of, for one in particular, for I have a woman with three sons that I love very much and am always thinking of. I love you Sandra and need you badly, I hope the day comes soon that we will be to-gether. By the way did Wally ever call in and pick up the camera flash, if not see him and find out if he still wants it, so that I can get another one the same, it cost $12A.

Well, dear shall have to finish up for now, hoping to hear from you today on the re-supply. Darling you are always with me what ever I am doing, am always thinking f you, I love you.

Tell everyone I’m ok and will write when I get the time.

Lot & lots of love forever, yours always.

Jock. xxxxxxx.

I love you.

Postmark 6th July, 1970

James St
N.S.W. 2628

(Sun) 5-7-70

My Dearest Jock,

Oh, Darling I love you, & I miss you terribly, & it’s just horible not hearing from you. I just hope that you have been able to receive some of my letters since you have ben out bush, as I’m sure that you would ned my letters much more than I need yours.

I went in ith Barbara this afternoon to see Mother, & John came up & stayed with the boys. She was to come home to-day, but yesterday she was sick & the Dr. thought that she may be in for something & she is to come home to-morrow now.

I have just been watching “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, on TV & it was quite a good show.

Ross Bolton’s house was burnt o the ground on Fri night.  Apparently it started from a wood eater which had a fibro type flue & apparently those type of flues are inclined to burst with the frost (and we have been having some very heavy frost lately) But the water was frozen & instead of staying o try & put it out with rugs or mats or trying to get some of the things out of the house, he went down to Coolamatong to get some help, but when he got back the house was burnt to the ground. Mrs. Bolton managed to get the TV & a few other things out. He had $200 in his wallet which was burnt. Since I heard that I have been a bit worried about our heater as it has that type of flue on it. One day last week, I think it was Thursday was the biggest frost I’ve known, around the shady side of the house beside the garage, the frost didn’t thore out al day, even though it was a sunny day.

I have just done up a parcel, an engagement card & present for Shirley & Ken. I am sending them one of our sets of steak knives. We had two sets given to us & I doubt if we will ever use them as out good cuttlery set has the serated edges on the knives & when ever we have guest we always use it.

I am feeling much better to-day & have been able to eat at last, but the boys still aren’t the best yet, although Mike is over the worst of his trouble, he hasn’t had the Diarrohea for a couple of days, but he still feels sick in the stomacke. John is the worst at the moment, yesterday he was feeling sick & had pains in  the stomacke & now to-day he has had the Diarrohea, & Brian doesn’t look the best so I guess he is in for it too. Although I’m pleased to say that I didn’t get the Diarrohea with mine. We have eaten nearly 3 dozen bananas in three days, with us all on the banana & boiled water diet, it has turned me off bananas, & I think it will be some time before I will be able to eat another one.

In the Army paper I got yesterday I saw where A.S.C.O. are having a sale & they have electric fry pans for $24.50. Its a shame I’m not in the position to get one, & I don’t think they take Mail Orders. I don’t suppose they sell them over there. But I was thinking that if you got the chance soon to have a look & if they do you could probably get one cheap, & if so you could send it direct to Shirley, at 95 Darling St, Dubbo, N.S.W. 2830. You probably won’t be able to get one, but I just thought that there may be a chance.

Bert has given up the idea of going to Perth, I think mostly becase he is broke. But his latest idea is Mooree. So Barbara was telling me to-day.

Well my Dearest I must close now as it s getting late, although I broke all records last night & was in bed by 9.30, & I would have been there earlier, if the boys had of settled down before that, as I was feeling pretty sick, in fact I hardly did a thing yesterday , except for sitting around & mashing a few bananas at meal times.

Well Bye for now my love, hoping this finds you well & not too lonely,

Yours Always,

Sandra. xxxxxxxx

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