Vietnam Letters #66

Postmark 9th July, 1970

James Street
N.S.W. 2628

(Wed) 8-7-70

My Darling jock,

I received your letter to-day & it was wonderful to hear from you again, after 11 days of disappointment, as I watched the mail go past without stopping.

I hope that by the time you receive this you will be back in camp out of the mud & wet. I’m sure you must be really fed up with being out in the jungle for so long. The boys were very happy & excited to recieve a letter all of their own each from you. Michael has been reading his off by heart to himself & John &  Brian keep coming to me to get me to read theirs to them.

Well I got the big job of cleaning the stove done to-day, I expected that it would take all morning, but it took all day. I got the stove cleaned & washed by about 1:30, but after lunch I was washing up & washing the Canisters & the tops of the cupboards until about 5PM. For you know what a mess the soot makes everywhere. Boy was I pleased to have a shower after I had finished. The stove is going well now, & not smoking, thank God. I got up in the ceiling & banged the flu & a lot of the soot fell down, but when I tried to take the plate off the flu inside here (just above the stove) the nuts or bolts or what you call them wouldn’t undo, as they seem to have rusted, but I tried very hard to undo them, in fact too hard, as one of them snapped right off. I’ve still got a lot more cleaning up to do after it. I haven’t dusted on top of the fridge or down the other end of the room, & I have to wash the floor, yet, but at least I’ve got the worst part of it over.

I have got a date with Jeanette on the phone up at your mother’s place tomorrow at 2.30PM. As she can ring Berridale direct from over there, but from here it is a trunk call. So we are going to have a bit of a chin wag to-morrow, & knowing how long Jeanette can talk when she gets on the phone it could be quite a long chat too. I have known her to talk for about 1 & 1/2 hours or more on the phone.

I will close for now my Dearest, you are always in my thoughts & prayers my Darling, and I will be loving you forever.

Yours Always,

Sandra            xxxxxx

Postmark 10th July, 1970


My Dearest Sandra,

How are you dear, I hope you have been feeling a bit better later. Received two of your letters on the last re-supply. It just wonderfull to hear from you. I sounds though you will have a sore hand for a while or some verry good boys, I hope they come good as it makes it so much easier for  you if they are good boys. I don’t know when we will be going home, but I don’t think it will be August, otherwise we would have been told by now. Well I’m still covered in mud & wet most of the time, but you seem to get used to it, I didn’t think I would ever get used to it but I am why I don’t know. Got Sandy’s letter the same time as I got yours also one from Bert Caller. Seems as though Kerrod had quite a time for his 21st  about 50 guest so he said. Should be back at Nui Dat in seven days time to have ten days break which will be good (if we get it)  and suppose to be going on R&C again about the twenthy of the month. This time I will be verry quite as I got to sick last time. Well Sandra I’ll finish up for now as night fall is on it’s way. Shall post this out on the 9th, next re-supply day. I love you Sandra and am always thinking of you. Yess I seen Mick a few weeks ago, he is in Bcoy. 8RAR. Sandra I love you Shall be your man forever. I love you, I love you.

Jock. xxxxx.

Postmark 10th July, 1970

James Street
N.S.W. 2628

(Thurs) 9-7-70

My Dearest Jock,

Well Darling it is very late as usual, so I will try & make this short, as I am rather tired. I have been doing some mending to-night, I have been getting a few things mended lately, but I’m afraid that it’s a losing battle as I seem to get one thing mended & find another one or two other things that need mending. But I suppose that if I keep at it I will catch up on it one day.

Went up to see Mother this morning & again when I went up for Jeanette’s phone call at 2.30 this afternoon. We had quite a long talk for about 3/4 of an hour on the phone. Your mother’s leg is still pretty bad & is paining a lot.

I called down at the Dr’s this morning to get another bottle of tonic, & Mrs. Oliver was able to give it to me without me seeing the Dr. I think the tonic has done me some good, but after being sick with that wog last week & not being able to eat, well it would have set me back a bit. I think that it must have been the Infection in the Bladder that I had, for after taking the tablets, I haven’t had the pain or discomfort on my Bladder that I had.

Just remember that I love you very much Honey & I am always thinking of you. Bye, for now Darling, & God Bless you,

Yours Forever,

Sandra. xxxxxx

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