Vietnam Letters #67

Postmark 9th July, 1970

James Street

(Fri) 10-7-70

My Dearest Jock,

How are you my Darling? I hope that you are well, & feeling much better than I do.I haven’t felt the best to-day & I have been feeling so cranky with myself for being sick. It just seems so long since I have felt completely well & fit. I decided to-day that I just going to say blow the work & only do the bear necessities, when & if I feel up to it & I’m going to get as much rest as possible. To-day I went to bed when the boys went, & lately I have not had much of an appetite but I have been forcing myself to eat & especially plenty of good food such as fruit & vegetables & eggs & things & I just had an egg flip which I intend to have everyday. So I hope to be able to build myself up and maybe I will have a bit more energy & not feel so tired & weak all the time. Sometimes I feel as though I would like to go to bed & stay there or better still I would love to go to hospital for about 6 months, well maybe not for that long, but just the thought of it sounds very relaxing.

I hope that the ink cartridge for your pen, that I sent the other day didn’t burst on it’s way over, in the letter. But it seemed such a small thing to make up a parcel for. If it did, then let me know & I will send another one & make a parcel out of it this time. I love you & miss you very much my Darling & it will be so wonderful to have you home again, & I hope that day isn’t very far off. Brian told me to-day that when you come home he is going to give you a big hug & a kiss, and you can be sure that there will be plenty of hugs & kisses in store for you from all of us, when you come home.

I’m pleased that the days are going a bit quicker for you now since you have had your promotion, but I guess you must get very tired too, with the extra work & worry. When you come home you can join me in my health building diet & rest.

Well speaking of rest I guess I had better hit the sack or I will never wake up in the morning. Lately I have been getting the boys to come & get into bed with me of a morning to wake me up. John & Mike take it in turns, it s John’s turn in the morning. For I sleep so heavily lately that I just can’t wake up of a morning.

Bye for now my love, hoping this finds you well & not too lonely.

Your everloving wife,



Postmark 12th July, 1970

12 July 70

My Dearest Sandra,

Well dear I am at a fire support base called Le Lai. The choppers bought us here this morning and we had a shower and a hot meal and clean greens, am starting to feel like a new man again. It is now 2PM, have been sitting around on our backsides for the past few hours. Suppose to have another hot meal about 3PM and move back out in the rubber for a couple days then back to Nui Dat on the 13th or 14th, I am not real sure what day it is or what the date is. Got your letter to-day with the news of Shirles marrage coming up. I sure hope everything turns out ok for her. I suppose you will be going up for the weddening. You please yourself what you want to get them. Please let me know what you will be doing and how long you will be up there. Just remember I love you and and will always be thingking of you my dear. Am starting to feel very tired again it could be the weather and beign wet all the time.

Had to duck away for ten mins to have lunch, it’s great, we had steak, fried ounion, potato peas and tomatoes, and ie cream with pears, a little better than opening a tin, I feel much better all ready. Yess dear I shall try and get you a steam iron next time I get to the P.X. which could be in the next week or two.

Well the day is slipping by and I guess I will soon be called in for an O group (got our orders for the next day or so.) it’s now half three, so I guess we have about half an hour to our selfs yet. Just found out to-day is Saturday not sure but could be the eleventh. I hope everything is going ok for you back home Sandra, you don’t want to worry to much about Shirley, as what’s done is done and worrying won’t help any. Sandra I love you verry much and will allways want you, please wait for me dear, it wont be that long and we will be to-gether again.

I love you Sandra and may God Bless you and help you during your lonely times. Sandra you have all my love always.

Lots & lots of love Jock. xxxx.

Did the boys get there letters I wrote for them.

I love you dear. xxxx.

Postmark 13th July, 1970

James Street

(Sun) 12-7-70

My Dearest Jock,

Here it is an end to an extra lonely day. It has been one of the worst days I have spent since you have been away. This morning especially, I felt so terribly lonely & depressed & love sick for you. My whole insides seemed to be ust tied in knots & my head felt like it was going to bust open. I felt like I wanted to scream or jump up & down or something, but all I could do was just sit & mope around untill I eventually had a good cry and it seemed to untie a few of the knots inside me and as the day went on I have been feeling a bit better. I miss you so teribly much my Darling, & it’s just agony for us to be apart like this, as we love one and other so much & it just doesn’t seem right. I don’t usually feel sorry for myself like I have done to-day, as I usually feel sorry for you & think of how it must be much worse for you than it is for me.

Sandy brought me about 1/2 a load of wood to-day, he was going to bring a full load but he ran out of petrol in the chain saw, & he said he will bring some more some other time, but the lot he brought me to-day should keep me going for quite a while. I was hoping that he would bring some to-day as I only ad about enough to do me for a couple of days, & I thought that I would probably have to chop some of the firewood into stove wood lengths.

It has been a bitterly cold day here to-day, with a very cold wind blowing. There was 8AM Mass here to-day and there was a rost as usual, but it wasn’t as cold then as I expected it to be, it wasn’t until after Mass that the wind started & boy, did it get cold then.

The other day on the phone, Jeanette asked me to ask you if you could try & get a watch for Chris & Jim when you get Vernon’s. She wants them for Christmas presents for them, & she said that she doesn’t want to spend very much on them if she can help it, no more than about $10 each less if ossible and there is one thing she would like about Jim’s watch & that is that is must have numbers on it not dots or dashes, where the numbers shoudl be, but it doesn’t matter so much about that for Chris’s watch. You have certainly got a lot of things to get for people & I guess you will be lucky if you are able to get the chance to get near the store to get them.

I hope they give you a while back in camp this time, before sending you out again. As I can imagine that it wouldn’t be much chop being out in the jungle especially now with the wet season in full swing.

Well, cheerio for now Honey, & may God be with you always.

Your everloving wife,

Sandra. xxxxxxx

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