Vietnam Letters #68

Postmark 14th July, 1970

James Street
N.S.W. 2628

(Mon) 13-7-70

My Dearest Jock,

I received two letters from you to-day, & it was just great to hear from you again. I love you & am missing you terribly Darling. Oh, how I wish you were home here with me. My life is just so empty & meaningless without you, & how I look forward to the day when we are to-gether again.

I called in at Barbara’s this morning & she said that a letter had come from you fo Sandy, & I was anxious to get home & see if there was one there for me & was very happy to find not only one but two. I am going into Cooma on Wednesday, as I have to get some more of my nerve tablets, & Barbara is going to mind Brian for me, which will be a great help as the twins on their own are quite well behaved, & Brian on his own is well behaved too but put the three of them together & they are just uncontrollable.

I bet you are all looking forward to getting back to camp for about 10 days break, & especially to going on R&C.

Well I must finish up for now Darling hoping this finds you well & not too wet & cold & tired. May God Bless & Protect you,

Yours Always

Sandra xxxxxxxxx

Postmark 14th July, 1970

218807 CPL Jamieson
8RAR Dcoy 10PL
GPO Sydney 2890

My Dearest Sandra,

Received another of your letters yesterday and verry pleased to hear from you. I hope by now every one is feeling better and got over the stomach troubles you had. My self I’m not too bad thanks, it’s great to have a few days back here at the Dat, should have at least another week to go before we go bush again. We have two nights off out of three, on the third night we have to man the gun posts around the peremiter of our coy. Well I haven’t been able to get to the PX yet but should be there in the next day or so. Started writing this the other day but got called away for a job, that’s the trouble of having a couple of hooks, you are always on the ball. This will be a short note dear as there is not much news except that I am well & fareing ok. I only hope all is well for you. Sandra I love you and only wish we were to-gether my love. Shall finish up for now allways thinking of you, I love you. All my love.

Jock xxxxx.

Postmark 16th July, 1970


Sandra My Love,

Just a few short lines tonight as I have had a few beers and don’t want to write to much, but shall write again to-morrow night. Am Back in camp again and it’s great, got back this morning. Well dear you will have to charge your address on my mail again as I am now corprall as before I was only a L/CPL. I have gone up rather quickly as we have lost some of our boys. Got more mail from you to-day, it just wonderfull to hear from you dear I love you verry much and always will. I think I have had had to much to drink to be writing letters so I must finish up for now, like I said it was only going to be short. Sandra I love you.

You always have my love Sandra.

Jock. xxx.


Have another headace this morning, will write to-night.

Love you – Jock.

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