Vietnam Letters #69

Postmark 16th July, 1970

James Street

(Wed) 15-7-70

My Dearest Jock,

I was very pleased to receive your letter to-day, & hear that you were out of the jungle & had had a shower & a good meal. I guess by now you are back in Nui Dat.

I also received a letter from Mum to-day & a lottery ticket which they bought for you for your birthday, they called it “Happy Returns Jock”, but it was not quite lucky enough, it was $18 of $20. They are leaving for Dubbo on Fri morning 31st July, the day before the wedding, & she asked what day I would be down there. Well I guess I’ll go down on Wed 29th. I don’t know whether I should take the car down without getting the bearing in the wheel fixed as Wally said it would be alright to drive with it around here, but he wouldn’t advise going on a long trip. To-day in Cooma I enquired about the price of train fairs & it would cost the boys & I $3.74 to go to Queanbeyan by train, which would probably be cheaper than getting the car fixed. And it will cost us $26.66 to come home from Dubbo to Cooma by train, which is cheaper than I expected really. Mum & Dad suggested that we go with them on their trip in the Caravan, they are going for about a fortnight out west to Bourke & along the Darling River. But I won’t be going with them as I can imagine what it would be like travelling around with the boys.

Well I eventually got my iron back to-day. Apparently their wasn’t much wrong with it & they fixed it & it cost me $2.41. It was really $2.91 but Tony knocked 50c off it for me. I priced the electric fry-pans in there & they are about $28, & I mentioned to him that you may be able to get one over there, & he said that the only trouble with that was that if you were to get one & it was a different brand to what you can buy over here, that if anything goes wrong with it, then it can’t be fixed as they can’t get the parts for them here. He knew a fellow who bought an electric toaster in Hong Kong & when it went bung he couldn’t get it fixed. So it may be better if I get the fry pan here unless you can get one that is a brand that could be bought over here. But let me know about this as soon as you can Honey please. I will leave it until the last minute before I buy one until I hear from you about it  anyway. If you are able to get one & it doesn’t arrive in time for the wedding then it won’t matter, as long as they get it.

I picked up a Ray Lamp from Hooks to-day for your Mother, (which they are renting) I hope it does her leg some good. This cold weather we have been having wouldn’t help it any. Boy!! it has really been cold. It is one of the coldest winters on record & to-day was bitterly cold, we had a wopping big frost as usual, but there was a fog as well & it was cloudy all day & when I left here to-day at about 2PM there was still frost on the ground. This morning I had the stove & the heater alight & the electric heater & the electric radiator on in the kitchen & we still couldn’t get warm.

I called down to see Barbara Cohill yesterday (Vince’s wife) Jeanette asked me on the phone last week to go & see them as Vince was to get them a hay rake or something & he was going to leave it here in our yard for them to pick up, but he hasn’t got it yet. They have got another baby boy, he is 6 months old now, & I didn’t even know about it. She said that she won’t be going up for the wedding although she would like to but it is a long way to travel with the kiddies, especially the baby, but Vince may be going, she doesn’t know.

Well Darling, I must close now as I am having trouble keeping my eyes open. you have all me love forever my Dearest, & I will be yours forever.

All my love & lots more,

Sandra. xxxxxx.

Postmark 16th July, 1970



Dear Jock,

At a Sub-Branch Meeting 11/7/70 I was requested to send you a Postal Order $3 along with an Honorary Membership Card.

Guess you know the drill with the oder; present it to your Austforce PX where it will be exchanged for a parcel.

Trust the “Hon. Member’s Card”, may be of some use at sometime?

I was speaking to your Mother & Father by phone early in the week.

Good luck Jock and trust you will soon be heading home.

Yours Sincerely,

L.V. Cogan (Hon. Sec.)

Postmark 16th July, 1970

218807 Cpl. Jamieson
8RAR Dcoy 10 PL
GPO Sydney 2890


To my Dearest Sandra,

Thank you for your letter which I received to-day, it’s just wonderfull to hear from you my love. I am always thinking of you Sandra and only wish I could be there with you, I love you, nd miss you all I can do is hope we get home much earlier tan we think which the word is about October now but I hope it’s much sooner as I am really sick of this place. The slides you sent over of when I was on R&R, I sent to Bert & Joan to-day as I thought they may like to see them, and I guess they will send them on to you. Haven’t been to the P.X. yet but look like getting there on the 18th, tomorrow. I drew one hundred and fourty dollars out of my pay book the other day, so will try and get all the watches for Vern and any other gear that I have to get, Did Wlly ever get the flash for the camera or not, as I ant to know weather to get another on or not. I guess you can see I got the pen ink OK, but would like at least another three or four please dear if you could send them over, as they don’t last that long. Darling I’m so sorry for you being the way you are, all by yourself, I love you dear and will always, if only I could be with you now.

Well Sandra there is not so much to talk about so I guess I’ll have to finish up for now and hop into bed and have an earlie night, I love you Sandra.

Hopeing to hear from you soon, my love. Always loveing you Sandra, yours always. Jock. xxxxxxxxxxx.

Give my love to the boys.

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