Salacious Sundays @ Old Canberra Inn,  Sunday 8th Oct, 2009
Bic Parker, Special Correspondent

A sunny afternoon and Owen Campbell and his slide guitars who have just returned from a stint in Ireland, and why not? Where I am sure he was appreciated by the little people. Arriving at the start of the afternoon I had time to sit and watch the other patrons enjoying themselves. It was going to be an entertaining afternoon.

The set started and very quickly Owen had the crowd absorbed with his ability to create  a road train of sound on his axe and combined with the deep rich tones of his voice produced the total package. I find this man a joy to listen to. His set was not really long enough (twenty minutes) and then it was over, but only after he wowed some regulars with a rendition of Boots are Made for Walking which elevated him to their wall of fame for that day.

I was suffering from the heat as opposed to the previous occasion I was at this venue, so I sought refuge inside where it was cooler whilst the bands did their thing. I checked out the menu in this little inn and was horrified to see a plate of chips was at eight dollars, steak at twenty-three dollars and I wondered whether the chef who apparently cooks New York steak (twenty eight dollars) had ever worked in New York?

Back in the outdoors (I sat in the shade) The music continued. A woman was screaming abuse at some poor bloke. He left, a glass of beer got spilled, and some one yelled out we are doin the best we can with the gear we’ve got. The music continued. I left.

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