Vietnam Letters #70

Postmark 17th July, 1970

James St.

(Thurs) 16-7-70

My Dearest Jock,

How are you Darling? I guess that if you are back inĀ  camp now, you are beginning to feel much better, after having some good meals & clean clothes & showers, & not having to sleep in wet clothes & on the wet ground.

I had a letter from Mel to-day & they are all well down there. I was talking to Jeanette on the phone to-day, we have a date at 2.30PM every Thursday on the phone now, as she can ring here for a local call. They aren’t going up for Shirley’s wedding.

Mr. Robinson died on Tuesday night (the fellow who had cancer) & he is being cremated at Canberra to-morrow, & Sandy & Barbara are going down for it, & I am going to mind Richard for them. I will have to be up earlier tan usual in the morning as they will be bringing him around at about 7AM as the service starts at 9.30 AM. I hate the thoughts of getting out of bed at that time, as the frosts we have been having lately are just terrible. I don’t have the trouble of waking up in the mornings now as I used to, as the tonic I am on, is to keep me alert & I usually wake up, from about 7AM onwards but the thought of getting out in the cold is the worst. Even the boys stay in bed now of a morning until I get up. Usually the cold doesn’t worry them, & they used to get out of bed of a morning & run around with out their slippers on or dressing gowns on, until I kept telling them to put them on. So it must be cold for them not to want to get out of bed. Even Sydney has been haveing temperatures of about 38 or 39 degrees in the mornings lately. Our daily maximum temperatures here lately have been between 44 & 48 degrees. it’s supposed to be the coldest winter since 1886. How about sending me over some of that Vietnam heat, & I will send you a big box of ice & frost to cool you down.

Gee, I miss you Honey I wish that the time could go by quicker than it does. Although the days seem to go by too quickly as I don’t seem to get all the things done that I want to get done in a day, but yet it seems like years, since you went away. But yet we have got a god part of the time over & done with, we only have about another 4 months at the most to go now, only I pray that it is less than that. I love you so very much Darling, I love you with every part of me & with every little feeling that I have in my whole body, and I shall always feel that way about you, nothing could ever change my love for you my Dearest.

Well my love, I must finish up for now & get ready for bed, I only wish that you were here sharing our nice comfortable bed, instead of sleeping in an old bunk in the camp or on the wet & miserable ground in the jungle.

May God bless & protect you Darling,

Yours Always,

Sandra. xxxx.

Postmark 18th July, 1970

18th July 1970

My Dear Sandra,

It is now 7.30AM and we have the whole day off. Couldn’t write last night as we were duty section, so we have another two days before we ave to do it again. This will only be a short note dear as I want to catch to-days mail which will be cleared at 8AM so it doesn’t give me much time to write. Am getting along OK and enjoying sleeping in a dry bed with no mud around. How do you feel now Sandra, I hope you all have got over your sickness and every one is fine. I wrote a bit of a note to Vern the other day, I thought it was about time I wrote. I wont be able to get to the P.X. to-day as it will be closed but we are all going down to-morrow so I should be able to get some watches then for them. How’s your money going for you now, I guess things should be a bit easier for you now that the car has been paid for. Sandra I love you, you mean everything to me dear, I only wish the same as you, that we could be to-gether all the time, but it wont be long now and we will be, how I love you Sandra. Well darling time is slipping by and I must get to breakfast so I will finish up for now hopeing all is well with you.

I have always love you and always will. Loveing you forever.

Jock. xxxxx.

Postmark 18th July, 1970

Jame Street
N.S.W. 2628

(Fri) 17-7-70

My Dearest Jock,

Well I tried out the iron to-night & it seems to working O.K. & I hope it stays that way this time. Even though I have got this one back, I think that it would probably be a good idea if you still try to get another one over there (that’s if you can get them there) as it would be handy to have an extra one, as this one won’t last forever anyway.

Barbara & Sandy left Richard here this morning& luckily this morning wasn’t quite as cold as it has been & to-day has not been too cold except for a very cold wind, but it was warm compared with what it has been. Richard has been sick the last few days with the gastric wog that has been going around, & this morning she thought that he seemed better so she gave him some breakfast, but at about 8.30 he brought it all up & was quite sick all day. I put him to bed at about 9AM and he got up at about 11.45, & I only gave him boiled water & mashed banana for dinner. Although he didn’t vomit again he was very sick all day. Barbara & Sandy got back at about 5 this afternoon & Barbara had bought a lovely new overcoat in Canberra. It is white & from a distance looks like fur but it is Nylon or something.

By the way Honey are you a Corpral or a Lance Corpral? You told me a Corpral, but what does the L stand for? I guess there would be a rise in your pay now. How much more do you get now?

I called in at Hitchen’s to-day to ask him how much it would cost to get the bearing fixed in the wheel, & he said that it may cost $6 or so. But he said to take it down some time & he would put it on the hoist & have a look at it & see just hat needs doing. I will take it down on Mon & if it is only going to cost about $6, then I may as well get it fixed, as it will cost nearly $4 to go to Queanbeyan by train & besides I will probably have quite a load to take with me on the train, for as well as our clothes I will have the wedding present & some baby clothes & things. As I am going to go through my things & sort out a few baby clothes to take up for Shirley.

Well I must close for now Darling as it is nearly mid-night as I was watching the late night movie while I was ironing to-night so I had better get to bed or I won’t want to get up in the morning. Just remember that you are always in my thoughts & I will love you forever my Darling.

May God be with you always,

Your everloving wife & lover,



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