Vietnam Letters #71

Postmark 20th July, 1970

My Dearest Sandra,

Well I don’t know if you are getting my mail or not, but I am not getting any thanks to all the strikes back in Australia. It’s six thirty < and raining like mad, water everywhere, has been raining heavy all night. Saturday was a compleately a day off for us, the first day we have ever had off since I have been over here. There was a show on that day too, it wasn’t to bad but not as good as some that come over. Had to work half day Sunday but we had most of it off also. Got to the P.X. yesterday and got watches for the Cassilles, but there wasn’t much there as they are waiting on a new shipment of stores. The kids watches cost $9 each and are ok for kids. I guess I will get them posted sooner or later at one at a time as to avoide duty. The fry pans were only a few dollars cheaper than they are at home so I decided not to get one as it would cost quite a bit to post it home and may even be dearer than what it would cost you. Hell I wish I were home with you Sandra, I love you and am missing you more and more every day, I am just longing for the day when we will be to-getherĀ  again my love. Well Sandra I shall finish upĀ  for now. I love you and you are allway with me dear in my heart.

Loveing you always,

I love you.

Jock. xxx.

10th Apr 70

Hi Darling,

Just a few lines to tell you, if you ask Pat, Ron’s wife for a film reel of his movie projector to run this tape on to play it as I don’t think you will have the other one before you get this tape. I love you and will always love you Sandra.

Loveing you forever. Jock. xxxx.

PS You might have to change the speed on the tape recorder, if you don’t know how to do this ask Sandy. I love you always. Jock. xxxx.

Postmark 20th July, 1970

James Street

(Sun) 19-7-70

My Dearest Jock,

I received another of your letters yesterday Darling, I love you very much & my prayers are always with you, I pray that God will give you strength & protection.

I had a terrible nightmare last night, I dreamt that I received a telegram to say that something had happened to you. It was horrible, but later on in the dream, I found out that it was not anything very serious, that you had only a flesh wound & you were in hospital & would be coming home as soon as you were right. Oh! Darling I would hate anything at all to happen to you, not even as much as a sprained ankle or anything. Every night when I go to bed I always hope that I won’t dream about you as it always turns into a nightmare. Sometimes when I dream about you it starts off beautifully, but ends up terribly. For instance one night I dreampt that we were to-gether again & we were very happy & we were making love & then all of a sudden some Gangsters were chasing us & they were trying to shoot us.

I called in at Barbara’s this morning after Mass & got the Maternaty Dresses that I lent her, as I will take them up to Shirley, if she wants them.

Bye for now my love, I shall be loving you forever Darling,

May God Bless you,

Yours Always,

Sandra. xxxxxx

Postmark 22nd July, 1970

James Street

Dear Jock,

So pleased to get a letter from you & to know that you are in having a few days out of the wilds & wet. Yes, it must get very sickning being in the wet & mud all the time. Glad that you got your other promotion I guess it’s all a help. Yes it is very cold here just now we have had terrific frost but it is still very dry. There was a lot of snow up on the tops during the weekend & that should make the people up there happy as the money would be coming in. My leg is still giving me a lot of pain when I get around on it. But it’s hard not to as things have to be done & I think the cold affects it too. There has been a lot of deaths around lately quite a lot of Cooma & poor old Bill Galvin slipped away Evie Turner called to take him to work & Bill was just sitting in the chair had his breakfast & packed his lunch & must have just left. Would be a bit of a shock. I suppose he will be buried tomorrow. Did you know <illegible>? He was the tennis player. He went last week, & Bel Woodhouse sister Marian. She was up in Queensland according to the paper. I think she would be only about 50.

Kathleen & Bel Coldman have left Woodside. They went to Canberra to live, have bought a house down there. They had their sale last Saturday. Father & I went down just for a drive. So <illegible> will be looking for a new man. I guess not too <illegible> will go down there it’s a good way down.

Father & Sandy have gone to Cliff Brooks this afternoon there is some sheep business on. Did I tell you Father got a tray for the Hoggits in the sheep judging. He got first prize for them. Bert is still here in the little place when he is not here I think the money is getting scarce they haven’t got things fixed up yet & he is better off without any because he has to keep off the drink. I don’t know what he is going to do. Reckons he’s going to get a job away but he wouldn’t keep it if he did. Sandra & the boys are pretty good. They called in to-day. The boys have been sick but they are better there is lots of bad colds going around. I hope we don’t get them.

I must go now Jock as my leg is going silly must be the way I am sitting. Hope you will soon be home & that it’s not too terrible & wet .

Lots of love from us all,

From Mother.

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