Gertrude’s Diary #134 – Preaching to the Converted

The CPRS is a big load of Ruddish.  I think it stands for Crappy Pretend Reduction Scheme.  I can’t believe that anyone who bothers to read this blog would be naive enough to think that it would be otherwise, so I’m not sure why I bother to mention it.  It’s just that I’m a little bit surprised by how terribly wrong it all is.  The scheme itself is a farce.  And what’s more, the coverage has all been about who’s sticking it to Malcolm Turnbull in the party room, not the very real crisis of climate change.  I have some deeply ingrained prejudices towards people like Turnbull, but at least he’s had the courage to stand up and say something needs to be done, even if that thing he says needs to be done is futile, painful and ultimately disastrous.

I watched Rob Hopkins this morning give a brief talk about the possibilities for a post-oil world.  Such reason and gentle courage are an inspiration.  You should all go watch it now – it only takes 15 minutes or so and it could save your life.  Or, another life similar to yours.  A life could definitely be saved somewhere.

I think the time is coming when we are going to need every single person we know to step up to the crease and make a stand against the big polluters.  For starters, we should all offer to sponsor an Australian fossil fuel miner.  You know the sort of thing:  For only a dollar a day you can help Mal Bugden and his Newcastle family to live and eat while Mal retrains in sustainable energy technology.  For only an additional thirty cents a day you can send a permaculture team round to Mal’s place to sow a vegie patch and plant some fruit trees.

Let’s all be as creative as possible.  Let’s overthrow the dictatorial imperatives of a consumer driven society.  Australian’s are known the world over for being really hard workers who sometimes take a sickie.  Let’s do both at once; let’s take a sickie from our oily lives, our ridiculously energy dependent lives, and work really hard at something that will transform our world for the better.

And if I’m really going to practice what I preach, I might have to stop writing this blog, because it is entirely dependent upon myself and others using fossil fuels to read it.  You all might have to come around to my place and listen to me and other people talking, and then go home and talk to the people there about this stuff.   In the 70’s they called it “consciousness-raising” and I’m ready to revisit it.  Anyone for a cup of Jarrah?

Perhaps people will stop reading my blog altogether anyway, because they want entertainment not dialectic.  That’s the terrible problem with preaching to the unconverted; they have a horrible habit of running away half way through the sermon.

One Response to “Gertrude’s Diary #134 – Preaching to the Converted”

  1. i got halfway through the post and decided to watch tv instead…up to that bit about taking a sickie from our oily lives, which I might add is a witty bit of wordplay.

    see, its problematic isn’t it? people do want entertainment which is why today the liberal party annointed the Mad Monk to hold hands with a Bishop as they lead the true believers to the promised land. That’s gold! You won’t be able to buy better entertainment than that anywhere.

    the trick with a sermon is people have gotta want it, they need to think they are basically bad people who will somehow be a little less bad if they voluntarily admit their guilt and confess to a higher authority. church isn’t intrinsically bad as long as their lots of singing hand, holding and a bit of dancing around camp fires semi naked. that will raise a few a bit consciousness.

    but don’t feel depressed, no one reads most blogs and at least you get comments on yours. you could do worse, I hear graffiti is a bit risky these days what with militant taggers protecting their patch and so on