The Felons

Monday night Bootleg Sessions @ the Phoenix Bar, 30th November 2009
Bic Parker, Special Correspondent

A sizable crowd was assembled as I pushed through the crowd towards the stage. I had taken a friend to listen to some music; we were there for some local content. There was a little guy on stage, strangely familiar with his witty and satirical lyrics. As I settled I could see it was Rafe. This man has to be seen to be believed. He has an album, but you have to see him. His sound conjures big images. He has a voice with a timbre not dissimilar to the dude from the Whitlams and I would like to think he has the depth and range to be able to accommodate singers such as Neil Diamond, Mick Bubble and hey, even Rupert Holmes, and indeed his style and abilities indicate a far off star eager to shine. Sorry I knocked over your beer Rafe.

Rafe introduced the next act called Amber Nichols, a duo, and I could not fault this performance. Very piano bar or cocktail bar, the sort of singing and playing you don’t notice till it is done and dusted and then you wish you had of been paying more attention. But no matter. I think we will encounter these two (at least the vocalist) in a major music comp. I can’t see any way around it, it is just a matter of time.

It was smoko time and we went outside to enjoy the unusual cold snap (again). It was too chilly so we went back in just as the Feldons, a trad three piece, bass, lead, drums started a set with their brand of R and R I cant quite put my finger on it but there was or is something very ferry on the Mersey, or Beatlesque. Mention of Paul Davies did not quite nail the sound but there was an undertone of that British invasion rock and roll that was big in the sixties. I have seen this band before and they are entertaining, danceable, listenable as well as easy on the eye. We had a good night and left in order to go to the Front but she was shut on Monday night, bugger, get with the program.

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