Vietnam Letters #72

Postmark 23rd July, 1970

James Street,
N.S.W. 2628

(Wed) 22-7-70

My Dearest Jock,

It was great to receive another one of your letters to-day, Honey. I also received one from Shirley thanking me for the steak knives I sent her & to say that she won’t be needing my gloves o your suite for Ken. She has bought her dress & veil. The dress id worth $89 & the veil $10 but Ken’s mother is a good friend of the lady who owns the shop & she got the dress & veil for $51, & she has already borrowed a pair of gloves, & the boys are hireing their suits for the day. They have got a house which they are renting for $15 a week & it is fully furnished.

She also sent me a list of things that she has already got in her box & some things which she is being given for wedding presents (in case I was wondering what to get her) & she is being given an iron & a frypan a toaster & a dinner set. So there goes the idea of the frypan. I have got a set of steak forks to match the knives I sent her. After I sent the knives I was thinking that I should have sent the forks too. So I have decided to give them the forks & a cheque for $30, & they can buy whatever they need with it. For I remember how handy those cheques that we got for our wedding were. She said that Mum & Dad had asked what she wants & she is going to tell them a set of double bed blankets.

I have felt a bit better to-day & so I got in & did some work for a change, but by tea time to-night I had just had it & after the boys went to bed I just sat & watched the movie & then did the washing up after it was over. I haven’t received a group certificate or tax stamps from the army yet, have you?

I haven’t seen Wally about the flash for the camera yet, as I think I will take it with me and take some photos of the wedding. If I can work it that is. I think I will come home from Dubbo on the Wednesday after the wedding by train, or I may even be able to get a lift back with someone, who is going up for the wedding from down this way. It may be best if you don’t address any of my letters up there, as they may not get there until after I leave, as the mail has been pretty iregular lately, & besides it will be an excuse for me to come home. For if they try to talk me into staying longer I can say that I am busting to get home to get your letters.

Well as usual it is getting late, so I must close now Honey just remember that you have all my love & thoughts always.

Your everloving & faithful wife,

Sandra. xxxxx.

Postmark 24th July, 1970

24th July 70


Just a few lines to answer your letter I got today. It sure was good to hear from you. Well my leg is doing better. I haven’t went back to the bush yet. I think I might not have to go back. I haven’t went on R&R yet. I will go in Oct. or Nov. My unit is now about 1/2 a mile for Cambodia at L.Z.Mo. Well that about all there is to write about. Write back and let me know how you are.

Your friend,


p/4 Stephen K. Long
CoB 2/12 CAV.
In Country 9640

Postmark 24th July, 1970

James Street,

(Thurs) 23-7-70

My Dearest Jock,

Well here it is the end to another lonely & miserable day without you. I am missing you more & more every day Darling, my life just seems so empty & meaningless without you. I love you so very much Darling and you are just my whole life. I wish that I could just wake up & find that this is just a terrible nightmare, & find you here with me, where you belong.

I went up to Mother’s to-day at 2.30 for Jeanette’s phone call but she didn’t ring, I guess she must have forgotten, at about 3PM I rang the railway to enquire about the train coming from Dubbo to Canberra, & it seems that Friday is the only day that I could come home by train from there & I would have to change trains twice at Orange & again at Sydney. The train leaves Dubbo at 11.30AM & I would arrive at Canberra at about 5PM. But I’ve decided that with all the changing trains & everything it would be a bit arkward with the boys & my baggage. So I rang the Airlines & enquired about the price of a plane fair from Dubbo to Canberra, & it will cost the boys & I $45.80 which is much cheaper than I expected & I think that I can afford that much, so if I can’t get a lift home with anyone else I will come by plane, on Wed 5th Aug.

I have just filled out the form & cheque and have got it ready to send. That is for our last payment on the car, so in a few days time, the cars will be all ours.

Gee the wood that Sandy bought me is tough, I had been having a lot of trouble splitting it & I have had piles lately & I put it down to splitting the wood for they get worse each time I have split some. But the other day Bert came over & split nearly all of it for me, which I was very grateful for, I think it is the first time I have ever been pleased to have him call. He has been quite sober for a while lately, as he is broke.

Well I must close for now Darling, hoping this finds you well & that time goes by quickly, so that we can be together again very very soon.

Yours Forever,

Sandra. xxxxxx

I love you.

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