Chiffon #114. Walled Street


Well what the fuck? I laugh at life. I am and can and do and will do whatever the fuck I want to do about whatever I want, whenever I want. You might think this is an arrogant thing. I rationalise this by suggesting that it is pretty groovy being me. I am being more for everyone by me being me, so why change it?

I had an incident where one of my poorer neighbors came to me in the morning and said he had no money and could I lend him twenty dollars. I told him I had to go and get it later from my friend who owed me money and I suggested I would be able to help him in the afternoon.

At one o clock I ventured out the back where my neighbor appeared and enquired as to my ability to give him the twenty dollars. I told him I had not gone anywhere as my friend was not home and my neighbor suddenly unleashed a tirade upon me as if I was Gordon Gecko. He attacked me verbally with hand gestures about my insensitivity towards his plight given my obvious delight about having my own life which he obviously resented as it is very groovy, groovy enough for him to schmaltz over.

Where does he get off thinking he is so special I should be devoting my time energy and resources so he can sit in the sun eating drinking (bourbons and cokes)and smoking dope?

Anyhow enough. I attended a very arty affair the other day at the art school. It was the graduation of honors students and there was food and red wine and peoples. I did my best to mingle but I developed a taste for these Mongolian lambs’ balls which were hot and coated in crumbs. Oh to be a young art student studying in this country, especially from so far away, and to be meeting me. As it happened I continued following my Mongolian protégé around but I became separated from him in the Gold and Silver exhibits. No matter, I thought.

I overheard about an arty party and looked around for my other friends so I could go in their car so that I could make an entrance. I did not find them quickly which was not helpful as it meant I would be late. No matter I eventually found them in the woodwork exhibition discussing the sculpture exhibition. I decided to have an exhibition of wanting to leave. We left discussing my exhibition of bad manners.

We finally arrived in a darkened street near a mountain. The street was lined with cars. I immediately started off in the direction of faint and distant music. A block later I arrived to a throbbing pulsing hub bub of people dancing and talking and just generally getting down. How lucky were they that I turned up.

I left at four in the morning

How lucky were they?

Luff Chiffon XXX

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