Vietnam Letters #73

Postmark 25th July, 1970

James Street,

(Fri) 24-7-70

My Darling Jock,

How are you Honey? I hope they haven’t sent you out bush again yet. Margaret called up again this morning to say that Mum had rang her last night to say that they will be coming up here on Sun & will take us back with them on Mon. So I have only got about 2 days to get ready to go now.

I received a parcel & a letter from Mel to-day she sent me up a very nice dress & a blouse, that someone had given herĀ  but were too big for her. The dress & blouse are both Navy blue with white trimmings & are very nice. They said that they had received your card and they had a good laugh from it, & they said to give you their love & thanks.

This afternoon at about 4 I brought some wood in & got the clothes off the line, & I decided that while I was out there I would put the car in the shed & lock the doors, & then I left the boys watching TV while I went & had a shower & washed my hair, & I had only just started my shower when someone knocked on the door, & I heard Michael tell them that I was in the shower, & so they had to wait outside until I got out of the shower to let them in, and it was Kerrod & Maureen & they had Elizabeth & James with them. It’s funny but any time that I do lock the doors early someone always calls. They came up on Wed. & are going back on Sun, they are staying up at Wally’s & guess what, they are engaged. They got engaged about 10 days ago.

Just a minute ago Wally & Kerrod called & asked if I would like to go up to the social at the Golf Club to-morrow night, & I said that I didn’t know whether I would go or not, as I don’t feel well & I have a lot of packing to do, to go to Canberra & Dubbo. But they are going to call around again to-morrow to see if I will go or not. I don’t really feel up to going, but I guess that it would probably do me some good to get out. I have a lot of washing & mending of the boys clothes to do, that I want to take with me, but I guess if I don’t get it all done before I leave here I can take it with me & do it in Canberra. It never rains but it pours, everything seems to happen at once.

Well I guess I had better close now Darling & force these poor old wiery bones to do some work, before I go to bed.

I shall be loving you forever Darling,

Yours Always,

Sandra. xxxxxx

Postmark 28th July, 1970

8RAR Dcoy10PL
AFPO4 GPO Sydney 2890

27th July

My Dearest Sandra,

Well dear so much for the mail strikes, but yesterday I received four of your letters. It’ just wonderfull to hear from you Sandra. Have been out bush for five days now, and was unable to write until to-day as we have been rather busy. There is nothing over here worth writing about dear, so will not have much at all to write about. Have another week to go and will be going on R&C again which will be the last before we go home. Sandra I love you and miss you very much, I can hardly wait for the day to come when we will be to-gether again. Have sent a watch to Vern about a week ago, also have to watches for the kids. Darling have a good time at the wedding but don’t go drinking too much, and always remember I love you and only you. I guess you will be back from the wedding by the time you get this as it’s the 27th to-day. Just nothing to write about Sandra, I love you and will always be thinking of you.

Loveing you forever,



Postmark 28thJuly, 1970


To my one & only lover Sandra,

How are you Darling? I hope you are fine and looking after yourself. Well time has passed by and to-morrow we are off bush again, but every day that passes by is another day closer to you my love. Sandra I love you and I want you to remember that every day, and also that it won’t be long untill I am home with you again, Darling you mean everything to me and all I want in this world is to be with you again, I love you Sandra, which to me means you are my whole world and without you my life is nothing, just nothing, just nothing my love, so please wait just a little longer and we will be to-gether again. I know you will be waiting but I also like to ask you as I always like pleading for you to be mine and wait or me, so please wait for me my love, I love you.I guess I won’t be able to write to you again for a few days, but don’t worry, if I can write darling I will, as you mean everything to me Sandra, you are all I live for.Sandra I love you, I love you all, God knows I love you. For the one and only love I have ever known, you Sandra.

All my love. xxxxxx. Jock. xxxxxx.

May God bless you all. xxxx.

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