Vietnam Letters #74

Postmark 29th July, 1970

25 Blacket Street,
Downer ACT
, 2602
(Tues) 28-7-70

My Dearest Jock,

So sorry for not writing these last few days but I have been fairly busy. I did go to the social on Saturday night at the Golf Club with Wally, Betty, Kerrod & Maureen. Barbara & Sandy & Pat & Margaret were with us too. I can’t say that I enjoyed myself, but it did me a lot of good just to get out. While I was there I felt so lonely for you & at times I had to stop my self from crying, for I kept remembering the wonderful time we ad to-gether up there before you left, and there was the same band there & they played mostly the same tunes that they played the night we were there which made it worse. I tried hard to look happy & to seem as though I was enjoying myself as the others were all trying there best to make me enjoy myself. Wally, Sandy, Kerrod & Pat all took turns in dancing with me. By midnight I was very tired & would have loved to have gone home, but it was about 2 AM before we left. Julie baby sat for me and she also stayed with the boys the next morning while I went to Mass. It was 8AM Mass & I must say I didn’t feel much like getting out of bed, but I made it, luckily. Mum & Dad arrived in Berridale at about 1PM that day, & Jeanette & Chris & Jim came over that afternoon & Vernon & Neil came about tea time. Then it was late when they left & even though I wanted to write to you I was so tired that I could hardly keep my eyes open. Then the next morning (Mon) after I got packed up we left Berridale at about 11.45 & we stopped in Cooma for a while, Dad put his watch in to be fixed & I hope you don’t mind but I lent him yours to wear until he gets his back.It is really best for it to be worn as if a watch or clock is not going the oil dries up in it, and being automatic you can’t wind it to keep it going. I used to give it a shake every day, but it would only go for about 10 to 15 mins. We arrived here about 3PM on Mon & then by the time we got settled in I was just to tired last night to write too.

Aunty Zerephy¬† has been sick with the flu for a while & Mum had been trying to get her¬† to see a Dr. but she wouldn’t. But this morning at 6 AM we got a phone call from a friend of hers in Bungendore to say that the Ambulance had just taken her to hospital. Mum rang the Dr. at lunch time to-day to see how she was, & he said that she has been improving with the treatment they are giving her, & he is not sure whether it is the Hong Kong flu that she has or not.

Dads brother Leo & his son Evan are staying here to-night they had been around at Ron’s, but Rosemary’s parents came to-day, & as they haven’t got enough room or all of them, Uncle Leo & Evan came around here to sleep.

I must close for now Darling as it’s 11.40PM. You have all my love forever my Dearest,

Yours always,


Postmark 29th July, 1970

31st July 1970

My Dearest Sandra,

Well darling I guess by now you are in Dubbo or on your way up, I hope you had a good trip up and the boys weren’t too much trouble.Have been getting things rather easy the last two days. We are at a fire support base by day where we sleep all day and rest up to go out at night ambushing by A.P.C. We are about a 1/4 of a mile from the beach, and to-day we all went down for an hour for a swim, it was quite good too I quite enjoyed it. We are still getting wet every night, but I think I am getting used to it now. I hope everything goes off ok to-morrow. We are going back to Nui Dat on Sunday the 2nd we are supposed to go on our last R&C to Vung Jau on the 5th or 6th. It only about seventy days and I think we will be on our way home, boy how I want to get home. I love you Sandra and am just busting to get home to you, I guess time will get slower everyday now, but it’s only ten weeks, not long of you say it quick, but I suppose it will seem like months. Well dear I am just stuck for things to write about except I love you and will always. I hope everything goes ok and you don’t have too many drinks to-morrow, only wish I could be with you.

Loving you forever,

Yours always,


Postmark 31st July, 1970

(Thurs) 30-7-70

My Dearest Jock,

Well here we are on the road to Dubbo, we are now travelling between Greenfell & Forbes. We got away from Canberra at 10.20AM & arrived in Young at about 1PM, and called at Simon’s to have a cup of tea & our sandwiches that we had packed. When we arrived there Charlie had just brought Pat home from hospital, where she has been for nearly 3 weeks, she was very sick with the flu, and Noelene & Charlie had been in hospital too, they came out a few days ago, Noelene had the flu & Charlie had the flu & a stone in his kidneys. We left there at about 2PM. I hope you can read this scribble as I am a bit cramped up, Michael is asleep on the seat beside me & Brian is asleep on the floor & John is asleep in Mum’s lap in the front.

I rang the airlines yesterday to book my seat to come back next Wed, but I can only come back on a Sat & I will have to change planes twice at Syd & at Canberra & there is a fairly long wait between planes, so I think that I may as well come home by train next Fri (7th) as it will be much cheaper & I have to change trains twice too but there is only a 20 mins wait between trains at Orange & at Syd.

I received a letter from you yesterday Darling, which your mother readdressed from Berridale, & I guess it will be my last one from you until I get home again.

We just pulled up & had a walk around as I was feeling very sick, I feel a little bit better now, but I think I will finish up for now Dear as I really don’t feel the best.

You ave all my love forever my love,

May God Bless & Protect you,

Yours Always,

Sandra. xxxx

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