Vietnam Letters #75

Postmark 2nd August, 1970

2nd August 70

My Dearest Sandra,

Well here we are back at the Dat but not for long. Got in this morning about 10AM and will be going out to-night ambushing around the village and back in the morning. I don’t think we will see much more of the jungle before we go home, I think we will be ambushing around the villages for the rest of the tour. It’s not to bad coming back to camp every day as we can have a shower and put dry cloths on. Yes it’s still raining over here and seems to be getting colder in the nights. How did the wedding go yesterday. I hopeĀ  you didn’t have to much to drink. Got a letter to-day from Bert Cullen to-day, seems he has been sick or off colour lately. Haven’t heard from you for a few days now but I guess you’ll write when you get back home. Am sick and tired of this damn place over here and am just busting for the day to come when we will be heading home, more so, so that I can be with you Sandra, I am missing you. Well dear not much to write about so will finish up for now.

Lots of Love,

Jock. xxx.

Postmark 3rd August, 1970

95 Darling St
N.S.W. 2830


My Darling Jock,

Well here I am at last, I’m so sorry for not writting very often lately Darling. But I just haven’t had the time.

The wedding went off very well to-day & Shirley looked beautiful & so did the Bridesmaids. The wedding was at 1.30 this afternoon, & they had the reception at the Red Cross hall. Shirley & Ken have gone to Orange to-night & are coming back to-morrow. The boys & I came home at a bout 5PM & Michael is sick he didn’t want to eat any cake or anything at the wedding to-day & he said he had a pain in the stomach, & he didn’t want any tea so I put him into bed at about 6PM & the other two had a bit of tea & Brian was in bed at 6.30 & John went at about 7PM & I am feeling tired & sick myself & m just busting to get to bed, but I thought that I had better write a few lines to my one & only love. The others all went on to the club after the wedding so I guess it will be late by the time they get home to-night.

I just wish that I could hop on a train or plane & go straight home to-morrow as I am just busting to get home no.

Well I must finish up for now Honey as I am so very tired & just cant wait to get to bed, I’m even too tired to be bothered getting myself any tea, it’s just after 7.30 now so it will be the earlyest I’ve been to bed in years.

Mum & Dad just came home as they are tired, but John & Mary are still at the club.

Bye for now my love, you have all my love forever my Dearest,

May God Bless You,

Yours Always,


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