Gertrude’s Post-Christmas Message

Here is my christmas message, late but heartfelt:

Please don’t buy any more stuff:   cheap stuff, expensive stuff –  just any kind of unnecessary stuff, really. If you don’t believe me, go and look at this.  But you should probably do it on a borrowed computer.

I’ll allow that this particular impulse is related to the relentless tide of new things that washes into the house at this time of year.   I tend to give homemade gifts, so I get a lot of new mess at this time of year, too.    I’m a rather untidy cook, so when I turn out 2.5 litres of fresh fruit cordial and 50 hand-made truffles (decorated with piped white chocolate to resemble mini christmas puddings) it’s only a matter of time before small pets stick to the floor.  Last year I also tried to manufacture my own body-weight in shortbread.  After a couple of days of scorching temperatures inside and out it smelled as if I’d rinsed the kitchen in ghee.

My favourite present of the year came from my beautiful, witty and intelligent identical twin-sister.


The simple image on the front of the card is shown here, and I’ve transcribed below the message inside.

Dear Gertrude,

For Christmas this year we purchased, on your behalf, a goat for someone who lacks one.  And I’m not talking about Simon from Cremorne; the person receiving your goat lives somewhere that doesn’t have gourmet pizza bars or shops that sell $1000 fountain pens.  I’m sure they will appreciate the gift.

I’m still getting choked up when I look at that picture.  I hope your Christmas also had space for the joy that resides not in things, but in us.

One Response to “Gertrude’s Post-Christmas Message”

  1. So glad you liked the gift. Merry Christmas, Gertrude.