Chiffon #117. A Dog’s Life


Recently the heat saw me taking it easy, but only after I have exercised my dog twice daily. It is a bit of a chore. She is, as you would expect, unruly and demanding like her owner. She is also open to spontaneous flashbacks that result in her attacking things (people usually) as well as anything motorized such as motor bikes, vacuum cleaners, things that usually have wheels or two to four legged animals also.

The other day I was kicking back in my lounge room on the first floor of my apartment after a taxing stroll up a small mountainside. The lounge room window, large with a wide view, was open, the dog peacefully sleeping on the floor by my side, when the tranquility of the scene was broken by the staccato spurt of the posties’ bike.

The dog, having been wrenched from her slumber, arose and within a split second was bounding across the room doing her dog from hell impression. She launched herself at the normally sturdy sliding window. It was the funniest thing since Scooby Doo seeing her realisation that there was in fact nothing but a flimsy and ill-fitting fly screen to stop her enthusiastic super dog routine. And all credit to her for managing to use all her energy, all four legs and a funny sound escaping her mouth to save herself from an embarrassing exit. I will be more aware in future.

Over the weekend I, like many other Canberrans, attended the Multicultural Festival which was held in Civic. There were over fifty national cultures represented. Food was served from a variety of stalls massed around Garema and Petrie Places. There were three sound stages erected for the purpose of showcasing song and dance from a variety of different homelands.

I went early with my friend and we searched for some of her friends who we eventually found working in the Aboriginal stall serving bush tucker. It was early (ten thirty) as the first performers took to the stage with didgeridoos, clack sticks and traditional song. This signified Welcome to Country, marking the beginning of the day’s festivities.

Mid-afternoon it was shoulder to shoulder with long cues forming. The pace was frantic and continued until the conclusion at around nine pee em. It is refreshing to see so many different cultures sharing their commonality. I was a bit confused listening to the radio this morning. It claimed the weekend fell short of what was expected. Maybe they went to a different venue, but according to my friend, they had a ball and it was an overwhelming experience and nothing but successful.

Speaking of overwhelming experiences, I attended CIT today. According to my itinerary, Design Fundamentals was in room one oh nine. No! It was not there. I went to student services and asked where they were, Room one oh four I was told, but no! Not there.

I went home knowing there is a tomorrow and maybe just maybe I was dreaming a bad dream.

Luff Chiffion XXX

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