Letters from Prison #3

Letters from Prison

08/05/05 cont’d…

That afternoon (Wednesday) they transferred me into Unit 3 (or ‘C’ Wing). I went two out with a young bloke, N-, who had a T.V. AND a radio, AND a kettle. I was in heaven or so I thought. He was a non-smoker so I didn’t (not couldn’t) smoke in the cell. This also meant that I was eating more. N- was about 5 foot 8 but he must have weighed about 120 kg. A big boy!

He said he was over 140 kg when he first came in 2 years ago (& you could see stretch marks all over his body) and had decided to go on a diet. So, his lack of food meant he had a short temper. The slightest thing used to piss him off. I was still in ‘8 Yard’ & the ‘Italy’ jokes were starting to get to me. I kept quiet in the cell (I HAD A TV!) for the week I was in there.

The screws brought A- back into ‘8 Yard’ and he came straight up to me, asking for a smoke. I gave him about a quarter of a pouch (I had got my first buy-up) and he left me alone after that. Just so you know, crims get $14.50 per week if they don’t work. That’s how I got my first buy-up. A 30 gram pouch costs $13.97. Tally-Ho papers cost 49 cents, and matches cost 25 cents. I didn’t think I was going to get my matches ($14.53) but I did.

Anyway Wednesday they shipped me off to X-Wing and put me in a two-out cell with a bloke named W-. No T.V. No Radio. Get fucked! I was back to nothing again. The good thing was we didn’t get locked in until 7pm. We started talking and, guess what? He knows D-. W-‘s missus in Qbn was ripped off by the prick. Anyway we talked all night (i’ve been enjoying the company). I said to him that we would get to know each other better & he said ‘Nah! I’m going home on Friday.’ So he left Friday and I’ve been one-out all weekend (which was alright anyway).

That’s my last three weeks. A bit of excitement in there but, all in all, this is a fucked place to be. I have been depressed a couple of times but the guys in here help heaps. So! Did you enjoy the folk festival at St. Auburn or wherever it was? Say hello to everyone for me. Give the address to M- and S- so they can send me a letter. If you do decide to visit you can only do it on Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays (some). The hours are between 9am & 2.30pm. You must be here by 1.30pm or they won’t let you in. You don’t have to book either.

D-, one of the blokes in the main (8 Yard) told me his girlfriend came to visit & had some pot sitting in her car. When she arrived sniffer dogs found it and she was arrested. D- didn’t get his visit.

It is J-‘s birthday tomorrow. Bugger! I won’t even get to talk to him.

I get out on the 18th October. Only 5 months, 10 days, 12 hours, 14 minutes & approx. 49 seconds to go.. But who’s counting? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! (I was really laughing). I miss you heaps mate. Please make my apologies to anyone who has rung you looking for me (Child Support has already found me!!!)

Catch you on the flipside.


P.S. I got another idea in here to help criminals rehabilitate on the outside. I’m still working on it. I’ll tell you more when I see you. AND if you want to send me a letter you must put my Min. number so it gets to me.


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