Gertrude’s Diary #141 – Gertrude Announces her Retirement

For most of my life I have been totally self-obsessed and I think this blog is an enabling factor in this behaviour.  It’s all me, mine, my, I.  At least I’ve tried to steer clear of ‘one’, which I just can’t manage without dissolving into a parody of someone more formal than I.  Me.  (Pretentious?  Moi?)

So I believe that I will call it a day at #150.  I just can’t keep it going anymore.  Week in.  Week out.  The same old treadmill.   The same old bullshit; my tiny, boring life dissected for every ounce of entertainment value.  I mean, it’s kind of depressing when you think about it, isn’t it?

Maybe I could sum it all up for you in one steam of consciousness.  It would go something like this:

mmm,  tea,   good.  Dishes, dirty kitchen, housework; urgh.  Sewing, craft, music, gardening; ah, lovely.  Books; ooooh.  People.  yay.  People.  boo.  Corporations:  boo!   aargh!   Family, friends; rich tapestry, good and bad, blah blah blah.  Work; like you’re living in the younger days of a great civilisation.  Bicycle; whee.  Bicycle;  eeek, crash, bang, uhhhhhh.

I think you’d have to agree that this subject matter is hardly worth the thousands and thousands of words I have dedicated to the task of recording it.

Only 9 more weeks of new Gertrude, but at least these words will live forever or until the website gets closed down.  Immortality is over-rated anyway.

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