Canberra Eccentric of the Week


…Tony Farrell, long-time Canberran, musician and independent candidate for the Legislative Assembly. Apparently he holds a bit of a grudge against Andrew Barr, minister for something-or-other in the Labor Government. Either that or he actually suffers from delusional sexual fantasies about Barr’s curvaceous glutes.

Farrell’s music apparently goes down well in the pubs out west, where he busks for change singing a repertoire of songs old country folks recognise.

For his quixotic political ambitions, his idiosyncratic graphic design skills, his fascination with Andrew Barr’s booty and his determination to walk his own path in life, Tony Farrell is Loadedog’s ‘Canberra Eccentric of the Week’ (cue fanfare).

UPDATE: Proving how up to the minute we are here at Loadedog, I’ve just been informed that Andrew Barr is possibly/probably of the homosexual persuasion. If so, and if the political ad above is actually a slur on Barr’s sexuality, I would like to state that this web site in no way supports such sentiments.

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