Santa Roars to Town

Saturday morning shoppers in Garema Place yesterday may have been alarmed at first as a horde of throbbing motorcycles invaded. Organised by the ACT Motorcycle Riders Association, the event was a fund and toy raiser for charities. They were joined by a posse of Posties on their scooters and Gary Humphries, looking tres cool in a leather jacket, was spied amongst the throng riding pillion. Click below for pics. I particularly like the walking christmas tree.

Each rider brought toys with them, many proudly displayed in prominent positions on their bikes or adorning their bodies in often funny juxtapositions of big tough bikers and soft fluffy toys.

A huge pile of the latter and other kids toys began forming on the steps near the chess board. I’ve actually been collecting big fluffy toys lately and was tempted to make off with a few but decided against it. Not a good look.

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