World Naked Bike Ride Canberra 2010 – Pics

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On Sunday past, around a hundred brave individuals, yours truly included, took part in Canberra’s World Naked Bike Ride. Beginning with a mass body-painting session in a marquee down by the paddle-boat hire place, the ride meandered over Commonwealth Bridge, up to Parliament House, through the vintage car show near OPH, past some wedding photos at Commonwealth Place, over Kings Ave Bridge and thence through Commonwealth Park back to the starting point.

It was two hours of gentle cycling for most. Personally, my choice of vehicle and passenger was a tad ambitious and having to ride the damn Johnny Loco home to Downer straight after for another engagement was torture indeed. Halfway home, however, the Johnny Loco partially redeemed itself when I, having totally exhausted the last stringy muscle fibres in my spindly legs, could pause in the shade for a little nap in the caboose.

The police, also on bicycles, accompanied us the whole way, partly to ensure we obeyed the pre-arranged rules regarding exposure of genitals etc. and partly to escort us through intersections. In general they were a benign if not helpful presence. Despite fielding a number of complaints from members of the public, they did no more than hurry us away from the offendees.

There’s a video posted by Nic Welbourn on Facebook if you’re interested, and a gallery of photos below, some taken by me, some by my passenger.

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