RIP Qirkz

Don’t it always seem to go…

I heard about Qirkz (pronounced quirks) from my daughter, who was taken there recently for a show by her grandfather and loved it, though falling for the violinist may have contributed. An underground venue in Sydney’s inner west, it began as a rehearsal space for Monsieur Camenbert and evolved into an informal performance space running 3-4 nights a week. Housed in an old warehouse and decorated with an eclectic collection of bric-a-brac, Qirkz sounded right up my alley so I hounded my ex-father-in-law for a contact. An email address was provided but an enquiry produced no result, however it allowed a google search on the idiosyncratic spelling leading me to this myspace page which advised:

QIRKZ has just been CLOSED DOWN by council, effective immediately. But…the show must go on! So…thanks to the friendly folk at the Macedonian Club on the corner of our street, FOR NOW we will be moving many of our shows there! Introducing… QIRKZ @ 103! 103 Railway Pde, Marrickville

Fuck! Fuck, Shit, Fuckin Shit Fucker!

Check the myspace page for a 2CN interview, James Valentine (apparently an habitue of Qirkz) chatting to the aggrieved and the Mayor of Marrickville. The similarity to our own situation here in Canberra, where the pollies express all sorts of supportive platitudes while allowing the bureaucracy to stifle any grassroots culture, is depressing.

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