Loadedog Returns

Some of you may have noticed I haven’t really been contributing to the site in the last year or two. The gig guide has been updated weekly, the Culturazi email has gone out and the odd event poster has been posted, but articles of any substance have been few and far between. I’d apologise if I thought anyone really gave a damn. I’d say that those who know me know that I’ve been busy doing a lot of other things and that, after four years of constant proselytising, the well had run dry.

Instead I’ll just say that, having allowed myself to not write for a significant period, I feel the well is replenished. Coincidentally Gertrude has announced her retirement, Chiffon is absent, Bic Parker is in protective custody and a blog consisting entirely of Letters from Vietnam is hardly riveting, so I have chosen this moment to end my hiatus. In the last two days, I’ve updated my version of wordpress and installed a new photo gallery plugin which you can see in action here (caution – World Naked Bike Pics, may be NSFW).

Also, we’ll soon be reviving Insatiable Banalities – The Podcast, possibly with the original crew of moi, Johnboy, Gertrude (she hasn’t entirely forsaken me) and Kandy Pants. And there’ll be lots of photos, by me, and by Qedqed who’s been hassling me to post his fantastic gig pics for ages. Unfortunately many of the shots he’s taken in the last six months were deleted yesterday in an unfortunate hard disk formatting incident, but there’ll be plenty more to come I’m sure.

So there you go. I’m back. And I’m promising to write regularly so, if you see me around and I haven’t been posting much, you are entitled to harass me.

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