Jazz Manouche (Clankenstein, Wim Glenn, Ewan MacKenzie) @ The Front, Wed 1st Apr, 2010
by Jacqui D

Having arrived late and been asked to do a music review at the door, I wasn’t exactly prepared.  However I sought a vantage point and started listening, both to the music and to the people around me.  It’s 7/8 timing that makes Romanian gypsy music, I was informed by the reliable sources around me. Write that down. Yeah, get that down. And yep that’s a hammer dulcimer or cymbalom, that table thing that fella is playing.

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Yeah, and boy the fella in the striped shirt is getting the beat, yeah watch him.  Marhssive.  Yeah.  Now they’re playing blues, yep that’s 12/4 timing, you know the 12 bar blues. Right. Getting that down. I consulted the striped shirt fella about what he thought Romanian music was after the show, and he said, ‘it’s just you know the whole sound, the sounds of my friends, cos they’re my friends’.

My only personal observation is that I thought the guitar player was underutilised. I made this observation in contrast to listening to him playing along to the recorded music before they started. He played more notes then I thought to myself. If playing more notes is important. He seemed to be a bit backgrounded in the band. Perhaps that is not a fair or reasonable observation, because in actual fact, I spent more time talking that listening. I tried however to focus on the task.

Apologies to The Front for not returning their pen. I managed to lose it and my notes at the end of the night. I had every intention to return it, perhaps I can replace it next time I’m there.

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