Chiffon #28


What an interesting week I had. As you already know I have been attending many different places and meeting the most amazing people. One of the places I attended was the court house and believes you me this encounter was the scariest. At the court there was lots of people who had employed different tactics in order to appease the judge who I think was a very nice man. I tried very unsuccessfully to mention my viewpoint and as a result I think the onus of responsibility was not shared with anyone else and as a result I have to live as a saint for the next two years.

It really does not appear to be appropriate especially since a male previous to me in the same court had the same blood alcohol reading and only received a six month disqualification of license and was given a restricted license. This is probably due to the fact that no one ran into him, thereby resulting in him having his car written off, nor did he receive spinal damage or whiplash. He just told the judge yada yada (his version of the truth) and the judge accepted his good intention. So much for being honest. K Sarah!

Well I am not going to worry over the travesty that has beset me. The only thing to do is do it and enjoy it, it will be over soon.

Last night I attended a little gathering of some of the best public speakers I know and the humorous way in which they voiced themselves produced one of the best evenings. I am privileged to consider myself amongst their company.

I have just completed a most repetitiously laborious event that has been popping up in my life at times more frequently than at others. Rehab. (Which is short for rehabilitation?) From what to what do you rehabilitate? This I believe is a red herring. Alcohol is basically what one is leaving behind and what are you heading towards is seldom appreciated in full by others.

Basically the deal is this. If you have a drinking problem or you are found by the police to have had a drink and you are driving and you get hauled into court, sometimes the judge likes to encourage you to change but he is not able to say that so he will order you to a rehab. It is at this point that the intentions of the judge is lost and the expectations of everybody else becomes the stuff of fantasy.

That is my story. I came back after three weeks away and lots of people expected me to have the rest of my life predetermined with lots of extras such as super, retirement plan etc. Sorry to disappoint but a lot of people seem to be making a lot of money out of the judge’s good intention and not delivering adequate service.

I feel it is appropriate for me to comment as I have complied with the judge’s good intentions and it cost me nothing to do it. All I did was stop drinking. Now the trick is to stay stopped. This requires a level of callousness as quite often you have to get rid of the detrimental flotsam in your life which unless you have undergone a full frontal lobotomy could be difficult.

The problem is this: in order to stay stopped you have to remain aloof of negatively impacting emotions and the thing they don”t tell you in rehabs is that you will still have to deal with pricks, fuckwits because they are not in the rehab. They are (according to rehab jargon) still in denial, and they, unlike me, probably drink over lunch or dinner, have a few while watching television and so on.

Luff Chiffon xxx

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