Ali Parraga: R.I.P.

Ali Parraga

Today we bear the sad news that Ali Parraga, pictured above dancing to Cicilia Kemezys’ flute, passed away yesterday morning. Many will recall Ali as the ‘Silver Man’ who busked in Civic for many a year. Attendees at January’s Backyard Backanalia will recall his performance with greater poignancy I’m sure, knowing, as we now do, that it was his last.

His sister, Hildi, has compiled a short biography of Ali’s short life:

Ali was born in Bogota, Colombia Oct, 1971. He arrived here in Australia as a baby. My Mum, stepdad moved from Sydney to Canberra in 1976.

Ali developed a keen interest in rap/break dancing in the 80’s and 90’s. He is self taught and had competed in some breakdancing battles. Ali also did gymnastics, gained medals, did Karate-1st dan black belt-instructor. He is interested in drawing-cartoonist, fitness, nutrition and did gym, weights, running.

Ali was an exeptional student, a grades throughout school, High distinctions at Uni of NSW in Sydney where he studied Civil Engineering for a year then transferred to study food technology. He later moved back to Canberra in 1997 and studied honours mathematics at the A.N.U.

My Dad suggested that he do some busking as he was a good rap/break dancer. He decided to dance like a robot dressed as a silverman in Sydney-1990’s. He got his idea from the liquid robot from the ‘Terminator’ movie. He ended busking more & more and did so well busking in Sydney. He got contracts to dance including on ‘Home and Away’ on t.v. Red faces on t.v. Who dares Wins on t.v, Ali also worked at private parties, functions, Sydney 2000 Olympics for Coca Cola and at some Canberra Multicultural Festivals, Clubs etc..

Ali has a kind, caring, lovely temperament. He is such a hard worker, helpful, respectful, tough. A great brother, son, uncle!. He was a good maths tutor!.

Ali was diagnosed with a lymphoma ‘non hodgekinsons’ cancer. It is such a rare cancer its almost like leukemia. He underwent several chemotherapy treatments and 2 radiation treatments. Even though the radiation helped to reduce the size of the tumours they are so agressive that he won’t make it.

It has been amazing to see what a positive attitude Ali has had throughout this difficult time!. Ali is so strong! He has a good sense of humour!. He’d even sung some Opera at times!

Loadedog would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Ali. Details of the funeral arrangements will be posted here as soon as they become available.



TUESDAY 27 February, 2007.

Tobin Brothers Funerals
75 Canberra Ave Kingston

People are requested not to bring any flowers. Please feel welcome to make a contribution towards a scholarship to help an underprivaleged boy in Colombia in Ali’s name.

4 Responses to “Ali Parraga: R.I.P.”

  1. Thank you Hildi. Your brother was a very impressive young man. I am glad that I was there for his last performance. I found both Cicilia’s playing and Alis’ dancing very moving.

  2. i remember back in my busking days being slightly miffed whenever ali used to setup nearby… he truly was an iconic figure in civic and a common reference for anyone who lives in this fine city… very sad

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  4. Ali was a true original, a brilliant performer and an all round lovely guy. Having had him dance at events and venues over the years was a real privilege, and Canberra will miss him.