Letters from Prison #5

Letters from Prison


Hi P-

It is Saturday. You wouldn’t believe who came & visited me today. K-! Yeah! You should have seen the look on my face. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I said ‘What are you doing here, woman? What do you want?’ She said ‘I just found out, from Dad, that you were here. He asked me to come & see how you were.’

We sat & talked for about an hour. Mum is getting remarried (to one of K-‘s ex-boyfriends) & P- has disappeared somewhere in QLD. No-one has heard from him in months. K- thinks he may be in gaol up there. Even J- (his girlfriend) doesn’t know where he is. He might have been tapped because (as K- says) he has gotten into crystal meth & owes a lot of money to some pretty bad guys (couldn’t be that lucky).

Also, B- got bitten by a pit-bull & has lost the use of both thumbs which means she is suing the government. She will probably end up with close to a million dollars becasue of it. Fucking bitch! Never worked a day in her life & now she won’t have to! The system is so fucked up.

While I was in my visit the ambulance came & took one bloke away. I found out later it is because he was bleeding everywhere. The night before, he put a glass marble in his dick (a new fad with the young blokes. It’s supposed to make the girls orgasm more). Anyway, he cracked a fat & the glass fell out, leaving him bleeding.

He is still in hospital & I was told that he will be charged with stealing. The marble came from ‘demountables’ yard. A piece of glass cut down & sanded down until it was round. Some people have no idea!

So that’s this weeks entertainment. I wrote a letter to M- & told him some different things so you will have to compare notes & have a laugh. Talk to you soon. Catch you on the flipside.


Editor’s Note:

The practice of inserting a marble into a penis involves making a slit with a razor blade in the top side of the shaft, inserting the ‘marble’, then sealing the wound with sticky tape. It is designed to provide extra stimulation to a partner’s g-spot.

The poor fellow mentioned above had not enough time to heal his wounds before being visited by his girlfriend, occasioning the extreme version of an unwanted erection. Once again Loadedog warns all readers not to engage in this practice.

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