Letters from Prison #6

Letters from Prison


G’day P-,

What’s happening? How are you? What are you doing? How was the folk festival? Say hello to M-, A-, M- & everyone else for me. So, another exciting week in here. I got into a fight with a cockhead (N- H-) yesterday. It started on Thursday. He threw some yoghurt over me & I laughed it off, so he kept doing it. I told him to back off but he kept it up. I grabbed some yoghurt & went to throw it at him & he smacked me in the mouth & split my lip. I said ‘That’s it! Stop it now! That’s your last warning.’ I thought that was the end of it as he did back off.

That afternoon, while walking back from ‘demountables’, people kept laughing and pointing at me. I thought it was because I didn’t fight back with N-. I found out later that he had stuck a sign on my back. It said ‘WILL SUCK FOR BUMPERS (cigs), JUST ASK ME.’ One of my mates pulled it off. I let it go. All night I was being hassled by my cellmate. ‘You should have chopped (hit) him,’ D- said. ‘I’m disappointed in you. I thought you were staunch!’ I replied ‘Let’s see what happens tomorrow. I told him to back off & if he wants to go on with it, then I’ll do something about it.’

Well, we had an early start Friday (6.00am) and we got to work around 6.30am. I made myself a coffee & sat down on my own. The next minute something was thrown at me. I said ‘Fuck off Nick! Just leave me the fuck alone!’ He said ‘It wasn’t me! If you’d open your eyes you dumb fuck you’d see I didn’t do it!’ I said ‘Sure! It wasn’t you, was it? You child.’ He said ‘Do you wanna wear my coffee?’ I said ‘Yeah! If you think you’re good enough!’ He came over & threw his coffee. I side-stepped it & threw my coffee into his face. He punched me in the head. I said ‘Is that it? Is that all you’ve got? You hit like a girl!’

I went to punch him & he grabbed my arms. He was holding both arms so I said ‘Let me go! Let me fucking go!’ He just stood there holding my arms so I head-butted him across the nose. Blood splatted down his face. He let go & hit me twice more. I hit him once with my left & sent him sprawling on the floor. He got up & I grabbed him (left-handed) by the throat. He held onto my right arm by my jacket. I squeezed his throat tightly so he couldn’t breathe. He started swinging wildly but none of them connected. I pulled him in with my left & cracked him under the chin with my right. This knocked him to the ground and, so, I jumped over him & cracked him in the head several times. Three or four others dragged me off him. I stood there glaring at him. He stood up & hit me again. I grabbed him by the throat again & jammed him against a wall. I would’ve choked the scrawny fuck only two blokes grabbed me again saying that the Screws were coming.

The work siren went & I went back to work. I couldn’t hold the screw-gun properly & when I looked at my hand (I had been wearing gloves) my little finger on my right hand wouldn’t straighten. I told the Screws that I fell off the ladder & maybe I’d broken my finger. They took me to the clinic where I found out my finger was fractured. I went back to my cell where everyone was asking me what happened. Once I had relayed my story they were all cheering. ‘Finally someone’s chopped him.’ ‘Cocky little fuck deserved it.’ ‘Nobody likes him, good on ya!’ And then last night he came into our wing & I thought we were going to go again but he just put his head down & walked past.

Anyway, that’s my excitement for the week. I’ve gotten all the staunch fellas coming around congratulating me. I’ve been nicknamed ‘Disco Rocky’. It feels good to be the centre of attention but, believe me, I won’t let it go to my head. If he (N-) wants to go on with it I said I will but I want to do it on ‘Fight Night’. That way he won’t be able to hold onto me & I reckon I’ll (just about) kill him next time.

OK! Well I will expect a letter from you telling me what’s going on out there.

Catch you on the flipside.


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