Podcast #66: Juliet Ward

Juliet Ward

Present: John Griffiths, Jim Boots, Gertrude, Candy A

This week’s guests are Juliet Ward and partner, Steve. Most of the crew are in awe of Juliet’s career in bands such as the Lighthouse Keepers and the Widdershins and are further enamoured by revelations such as that she used to have a dog for backing barks in the early days when they were a C&W cover band and that she’s really quite a shy and retiring type now content with her work as a lab technician.

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Recorded on Sunday 25th Feb, 2007

Juliet Ward

Track List:

Gargoyle (Lighthouse Keepers). 10:06
Morning After (Baterz). 19:57
Changeling (Widdershins). 40:07
Killing Time (Widdershins). 45:59

2 Responses to “Podcast #66: Juliet Ward”

  1. Wow, Juliet! Sister of Baterz, Lighthouse Keeper, etc etc.

    I used to see the Lighthouse Keepers alot when I was 16 and 17 at the Uni bar. except for fellow attendees noone seems to ever have heard of them, their songs seem to have disappeared, it doesn’t seem right.

  2. Hi Jesse Mo. Yes it is a bit lonely being an aged LK fan at times. With any luck Juliet will be playing at the next Backanalia so come and reminisce about the old Uni Bar with us.