Mikelangelo & TheTin Star Review

Mikelangelo and the Tin Star @ McGregor Hall, Friday 14th May, with Fire on the Hill
by M

Can’t believe I hadn’t yet ventured into McGregor Hall for a CMC gig, or any gig for that matter. I like the uncomplicated nature of the place…

Got to see some people I missed, and to see Fire On The Hill, one of Canberra’s best bands.

Aaron and the boys hadn’t played for several months, and it was good to hear them again. There where strange things afoot with the P/A, though Fire On The Hill soldiered on with the grace and poise of contented souls.

The P/A issue made it difficult to hear the lyrics, but what are you gonna do? Complain like a spoilt child about, and without any regard for, those endeavouring to find the fault until they make you happy?

Well, it seemed appropriate for Mikelangelo and The Tin Star, well actually just Mikelangelo. He carried on with needless disrespect, and put down the very people who were there to support him. It was ugly unnecessary stuff. Maybe he was trying to be humerous? Ok, he was a little, when he apologised falsely for being a c***, but the crux of it was just nasty, unnecessary, and a poor example for anyone who might find themselves at the whim of their emotions while unable to be in control of a situation.

He was in a tight spot, ready to go, wanting but unable to give his best, so showed his worst. The frustration is understandable.

Mikelangelo is out to entertain, and though there was the initial kerfuffle, when he pointed his fire in the right direction, he did just that. You could tell (if you hadn’t seen him before) right from when he introduced Fire On The Hill, that he was an entertainer.

The sound came good, and Mikelangelo and The Tin Star were great. I thoroughly enjoyed the Western Surf strangeness. Tight, tight, tight. Tight as the proverbial fish’s thingo, making for wonderful stuff. I particularly enjoyed the role the drummer played, no pun… I’m not drummer biased, he was great.

Unable to be present by the time the second set rolled around, I cannot comment on it, but I imagine Mikelangelo would have returned with his big voice and strange lyrics, Tin Star in hand, to give more of their great sound.


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