Chiffon #122. Oil Ain’t Oils

Ullo, Ullo, Ullo.

You know I am a little bit annoyed with the latest kerfuffle occurring in the Gulf of Mexico, or off the Florida coast, but anyway that part of the world that just happens to be connected to every other part of the world by the oceans.

Once again the British name is connected with yet another fuck up which is threatening the well being of the planet.

The last thing I was aware of which unsettled everyone was the leaking of sensitive information, a wonderful story for lovers of Guy Faulkes and it actually happened. The thing that really tickles me is that there were not one but four [or five -Ed] individuals who occupied senior positions in the government, such as Foreign Ambassador to personal art acquirer for the Queen and her many residences, none the less. I guess to England it would have been more desirable to keep it in house however pictures were beamed around the world by the news agency TASS, AAP, Reuters, etc.  showing these individuals reviewing Russian troops dressed as Russian generals, apparently they all got away through the backdoor of a fish and chip shop. But hey, don’t believe me go and have a look. I know my Editor will [I did, it’s the usual Chiffon mangling of the facts – Ed].

In this country the English have had a big role in fucking it up. I understand that the bits the royal family get to see are life size models erected for the occasion. It is a sad fact that the English dropped the Australian and New Zealand troops at Gallipoli. It serves no purpose to mention these things, I guess other than to say if it was someone who did these things to you, you would not likely invite them to dinner in a hurry.

Moving right along. I know many people who have been driving cars and paying the reasonably priced petroleum prices who now are reaping a sense of payback as they see this mega greedy corporation losing an unwinnable fight with nature. This of course is accompanied by a sadness at watching the environment suffer an unprecedented catastrophe. I guess  we will be paying a price for it, and that is the down side to the oil biz because we will end up being the losers.

I don’t really want to be running them (the British) down too much but it shits me to think that things are the way they are as a result of what happened and our own history has been doctored, as a result of what happened under their flag.

I have started a little list. See if you can add to it. Rabbits, foxes, Maralinga, the Aborigines, prickly pear, roses, outdated farming methods, the Leyland P76, the Westminster system, church, presbyterians, toad in the whole, James Bond… I don’t need to go on, I am sure you get the idea. This will all blow over and everyone will forget, much like Sorry Day which came and went without one reference to the anniversary. Maybe it is not that important after all, or we are being a bit stiff lipped about it or distracted by the oil spill, the depressed stock market, whatever you think. I reckon it is British or their legacy.

Luff Chiffon XXX

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