Podcast #67: Owen Campbell

Owen Campbell

Present: John Griffiths, Jim Boots, Gertrude, Candy A, Sharkie, Ed

This week’s guest is Owen Campbell, who has recently returned from a trip to Nashville where he busked, bucked fush and slept on bridges, and who has already left for Melbourne where he can make a better living. Owen plays five songs in the pod, helped out (or possibly hindered) by Jim Boots on kick drum on one track. We look forward to the day he and his father Satch and two brothers form a band.

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Recorded on Tuesday 6th Mar, 2007

Owen Campbell

Track List:
Coalition of the Willing, Coalition of the Ill. 12:36
Sunday Mourning. 24:45
The Rain. 36:43
President’s Man. 52:48
Nashville High Rollers. 60:16

Candy A's shoes

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