Another Good Reason to be a Musician?

The morning news (Today: Nine 6am) delivered a startling incongruity with, firstly, reports that a football player I’ve never heard of has been abusing substances. Karl Stefanovic, the thinking woman’s blow-up sex doll, batted down Sara O’Hare’s barely formed thought that recreational drugs will hardly enhance a football player’s performance and got her to agree that sports stars have a responsibility to be a good role model.

Meanwhile Nicole Kidman’s latest, Keith Urban, is in Australia and the show is devoted, in part, to promoting his tour and convincing us all that Urban is, to quote Karl, ‘such a nice guy’. There is frank discussion of Urban’s recent stint in rehab but not so much as a whiff of criticism of the behaviour that led him there.

What is going on here? Should musicians (and artists and actors) feel a bit miffed that no-one expects them to uphold the same standard of behaviour as brutish footy thugs? Are they so insignificant? Or should they simply be grateful that everyone understands that creativity and being whacked out on drugs go hand in hand?

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