Letters from Prison #9

Letters from Prison


G’day M-

I was feeling down when I wrote that letter to P- but I am doing alright. This place really brings you down and some days it is unbearable. I think why I am so down is because I’m not working and I am just wandering around the compound with nothing to do but it should be only a couple more weeks.

I am cleared to go back to work on the 9th July. I have even started ‘Kairos’. This is bible studies. The blokes doing it bore me to death but at least there is some good food to eat (cake, pavlova & biscuits).

I have argued some points on God with these (so-called) followers of the Lord. In a prayer the priest was saying ‘God, please help all these men that attend ‘Kairos’. I disputed the fact that this was discrimination. He corrected himself (for my benefit, he said) and asked God to watch over all inmates. HA! HA! HA! I put the wind up him.

I want to apologise for saying I had no-one on the outside. I was feeling, because blokes have their girls come in, I suppose jealous is the best word. Not having the warmth of a sweet body, the smell of perfume, and the smile of an angel, close and handy makes it hard (metaphorically speaking) being in here.

My cellmate goes for his parole hearing tomorrow. If he gets it he will be gone by the end of the week to a rehabilitation centre. I hope he gets it and I also hope I don’t end up with some dead head. We haven’t had a t.v. for the last three days. D- lent it out to one of his mates.

One thing I am sick of in here is petty thieves. I’ve had 12 coffee sachets knocked off (yesterday) and I just found out, about 10 minutes ago someone stole my envelopes. I would love to catch the bastard. But then again D- might have sold them for a shot of bupe. It’s a substitute for heroin. He denied it but who knows?! It’s a shit go anyway!

I can’t write anymore. D- wants the light off.

Thursday morning – I had been considering letting N- publish some of my letters but after the dream I had I’ve decided not to. In my dream N- had reached the stage of stardom and was making a play about my letters. To cut a long story short I ended up nearly strangling him, and I also hit NB- (ask N-) with a chair, so a higher force has revealed that it would not be a viable proposition. Please apologise to him. It’s nothing personal (and going by his letter Campbell High didn’t do anything to further his writing skills).

Please relate to J- that she needn’t worry about M-. That woman has never liked anyone (and I mean everyone) associated with P- (even me). There is nothing in the world more sad than a person who can’t accept the fact that everyone has their own life and doesn’t need to be told how to live that life. You will have to show me J-‘s site (on the web). It sounds interestingly mischievous.

Now to A-. We don’t play euchre in here. The game mostly played is called ’41’. Hearts are trumps. Four people play. Each player calls how many tricks he is going to win. Minimum of 2. Someone must call 5 tricks to run the game. If you get the tricks you have nominated it is added to your score. If you don’t, it is subtracted. Anything 5 tricks and over, your score is doubled. There are a few more rules but I would have to explain them as we played. The first one to ’41’ wins (or you can go out backwards at ‘-21′). And finally ‘catch you on the flipside’ is a slang term I made up in the early eighties. It refers to ‘see you in better times’ or ‘see you later’ or, in my case, ‘see you when I finish my time’. I hope this helps.

M-, the reason I haven’t rang you (or anyone outside of Goulburn) is it costs a great deal and I don’t have enough money to put on the phone. The maximum time, to talk, is 6 minutes so we wouldn’t have time to talk about anything.

Well, mister Prime Minister. This is the ‘Minister for Strictly’ signing off after another week. Only 16 weeks and 4 days left. I want to thank each and every one of you for taking time out of your lives to write to me. I cherish every word. It shows that I am not cut off from the rest of the world. I still hate this place with a passion (sorry J-, using your words) and I can’t wait for the day I am finally released.

Catch you on the flipside.


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