Chiffon #125. Alas Poor Kevin


I am like a lot of your politically vague average Joes reeling from the events that took place in Parliament House the other day. Australia got another taste of the political solution to waywardness which, according to a lot of commentators on the machine, was where the Labor Party was. I should explain my reeling is the same sort of reeling you get when you witness precision in execution of anything, such as a goal scored in soccer or anything else like that. It is refreshing to know that there exist solutions to what could have become a more embarrassing situation.

The thing that really I found disturbing and hard to watch was the outgoing speech by our outgoing captain. You could tell, or I thought I could, the nature of his (Kevin Rudds) pain. It must be difficult to give up the Lodge, school life in Canberra etcetera. I have trouble coming to terms with occasions such as this, watching Mr. Rudd trying to get a cheer out of the day by painfully stating what was not necessary to say. Of course the majority of Australia is proud, proud that we have a system of government that allows for taking steps backwards as well as forwards and not taking steps if needed. Not since Mr. Whitlam’s dismissal have we witnessed people acting independently to save the country from impending disaster, in their opinions.

Australia has got a female Prime Minister for the first time. This is the same woman who became the first woman Deputy Prime Minister for the first time. This in itself is no cause for celebration. Why shouldn’t a woman who happens to be well qualified for the post not be allowed to preside over the country? My God, at least she is a woman, unlike the (no disrespect) sometimes fussy speaking P.M.

Enough of the commentary.

We are all a bit like Mr. Rudd, and every other Polly I suppose, but we all have a go at them and be really critical of them without regard for their humanness. How many of us have lied? I would suggest that, according to stats, a lot of people who publically stated to love honor and obey, in richness and health, are still believing in the dream they are living on their own, with a healthy dose of denial about their own role and their own responsibilities. I daresay if we all had to make account of our lives, many, if not all of us, irrespective of how successful we may think we are, have all fallen short, have regrets, have made misteakes. Except for me. I make backwards steps. and they are upside down as well most times..

Luff Chiffon

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