Spencer B Lonely

Spencer P. Jones, The Basement, 26 June, 2010
by Amy Dowler

In case you didn’t know, Spencer P. Jones played in Canberra last Saturday night. I’m guessing, unless you were that guy playing pool at the back, or in one of the other bands on the bill, you were blissfully unaware. It’s great that the Canberra Musicians Club exists and the regularly strong crowds to be seen at the many local gigs it promotes is phenomenal. This success is only made more stark when seen in relief – that is, in contrast to the woe that is a good gig not properly promoted in Canberra.

Spencer P. Jones is a wonderful guitarist, song writer and performer. He put on a great gig at the Basement. He reacted to the pathos of the scene facing him with a Crazy Heart style disheartened countenance which served only to enhance the regret-laden, booze-addled, downtrodden blues in which he specialises. But no one this good should make a loss from bothering to come to our small, cold city and the door takings on Saturday would not have covered the petrol as far as Euroa.

It’s good that Canberra, and the CMC, supports its own. Getting bands from beyond the territory line to come here of their own volition is pretty rare and it would be great to encourage those that make the effort to keep coming back. Surely there are enough music lovers in Canberra to muster that?

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