Chiffon #129. Seriously


Frazzled yet, well, let me tell you, I am not fucking over it, not at all. In fact I find moderating my intake of anything is a much better alternative to any other variation of consumption, although with that statement I must admit moderation of anything from my point of view has been an illusion, a dream, a fantasy. And of course the thing I am talking about is smoking. Well, not exactly. The thing I am talking about is an addiction, which is just  a tad different with regard to the mindset that treats the condition.

It is time to deal with reality.

The reality should look like this. You have stopped smoking, so that should not be  the issue. You may feel like you want a smoke in order to fill that empty space which has been left (that is the issue) and presumably having a smoke will fill that space. This is commonly called a craving. You can recognize a craving, they sound like this. GIVE ME A FUCKING SMOKE BEFORE I KILL SOMETHING!

An overreaction if ever I heard one, but these cravings can be that strong. Suddenly you don’t mind bad language as well as blatant rudeness and in some cases criminal actions, as was the case the other day when I dropped in to see my friend and this has now become a regular thingy with me. I walked in to see my friend. No sooner had the hullo been concluded, I dived through his ashtray looking for bumpers (and I found a few).

Now I know my friend has a problem with anyone other than Buddhist monks, who ask for things that they do not need. I did not know how to ask and he did not quite know what to say, but I don’t feel very good about it. This is why one should keep busy and knock around with  people who don’t smoke and find a better outlet for dealing with  your feelings other than reacting to them, talking to a person  about smoking and or stopping and or staying stopped and how you feel, whatever, just as long as you can dissolve those counterproductive feelings.

A thought. People who have never smoked don’t have a clue how you feel and why should they? So! Who are you gonna call if you need to talk to someone? The answer is not them. It’s not their responsibility and I guess that is the weak point, if ever there is a point to any of this, after all the worst that can happen if you don’t stop smoking  is you are gonna die eventually and it doesn’t really matter whether you smoke or not, we are all gonna die.

Quality of life , optimum performance, conforming to society, maximum enjoyment, a hundred percent commitment to living,  being attractive, being somebody who is looked up to, a role model, being appropriate… I suppose these are just some of the outcomes of not smoking and I put it to you, the reader, who may smoke and wish to change, as opposed to just stopping, that the list shows a lot of the justifications used by advertising to promote smoking. This says a lot about ciggie companies and a lot about the gullibility of people.

Luff Chiffon XXX

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