Letters from Prison #10

Letters from Prison


Silence goes on forever in a world with iron bars. No sound of mirth or laughter or wind blowing through long grass. Most people wander about this place with sadness in their eyes. The smell of fear is stong in here. The nights are filled with cries of anguish sorrow and regret for deeds done wrong outside and prayers are spoken softly for god to be their guide.

“Please help me Lord!” I heard one say. “Please help me make amends. I don’t want to be in this place! I don’t want my life to end! Give me strength to use my wisdom to keep me safe and warm. Please use your divine intervention to stay me from all harm.”

But god does not listen to the woes of fallen men. He belly-laughs with thunder “I put you in this pen. So have your little whine to me with your head cupped in your hands. I do not have any pity for an unlawful abiding man.”

Some may say “We will find a way to escape these walls of steel.” To some freedom is a dirty word. To leave, I think, they feel that life, it has no meaning without someone to say “Do as you’re told, my prisoner friend, or we will find a way to take all that you find precious. We’ll break that hardened soul and if we can’t we’ll put you in a solitary hole. So follow my orders, little man, until your time is done or you can sit forever and never see the rising sun.”

The hard ones say “No effect” to a system that makes the rules. The soft ones hide behind a mask and come across like ghouls. But I’m not one who has to have a bad-ass attitude. I do my time quietly until my release is due. So we contemplate our tempers with our heads held down low and we don’t say much of anything in case our angers grow.

Yes silence goes on forever in this place of iron bars with no sounds of joy or laughter, only wishing upon the stars.


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