Letters from Prison #12

Letters from Prison


Hi P-,

The last few weeks have been going pretty fast. Only 10 weeks to go. Last week I got a new cellmate. C- was released after he appealed the severity of his sentence so I was one out for three days. My new cellie, J- S-, is a young bloke from Cooma. He has settled in really well. It is good to have someone, in my cell, that is not on any medications which means that we can have decent conversations without the slurring or mumbling that I have had to deal with. I went back to work last week. Back at ‘demountables’. I told the screws that if they wanted me to work as a tradesman they would have to pay me top dollar. B- (that’s one of the screws) told me he would look after me so I have been doing what he asks. I’ve put windows into frames; I’ve laid carpet; I’ve laid lino and welded the seams; I’ve done some electrical (extending wired on lights and fixing power tools); I’ve been driving the tractor. That was fun! I find out on Tuesday if I’ve been paid correctly and, if I haven’t, I’m going to push a broom around. Well! If they want me to work they should pay accordingly.

Other than this I haven’t been doing too much. Playing cricket on weekends is about my highlight in here. So, how is everyone out there? I received your letter. Thanks for that. It made my day. Sorry to hear that you’re not working but don’t worry. Things will pick up. It is always quiet just after the end of the financial year. At least you can get more work done around the house. Also, I’m glad to hear you’re still playing the mandolin. Maybe you could help me put some music to a couple of songs I’m writing. One is a love song (obviously!) but the other one I hope will go well to rock and roll beats.

On another note (excuse the pun) you probably won’t have to pick me up when I’m released. L- (remember him) gets out on the 14th September and he said he is going to be out the front to pick me up. He will be staying at K-s place until I get out & then we are going to get a place together. He wants to give me $60,000 to set up a business for us. I am not relying on it but, if it does come to fruition, it could start off everything I’ve wanted to do. I’ll talk to you more about it when I see you. Speaking of which, when are you coming up again? I miss having you around. You could organise to bring M- or M- (if he is still is talking to me) or… or, I don’t know, ANYONE!

I have been having my ups and downs in here. For example, I was nearly stabbed with a screwdriver last Friday because a bloke wanted the radio I was listening to and I told him he couldn’t have it. I suppose I should have let him have the damned thing but it was the principle of the matter I was defending. Also, last night I woke up crying after dreaming I was with J- and K- and then realised I was asleep. I miss them with all my heart. I wish J- would, at least, send me a letter and some photos. I’m sure she knows I’m in here because ‘child support’ sent me a letter saying they had to inform her of the change in her entitlement. What makes it hard to cope with is not having someone to tell these things to. Anyway, say hello to everyone for me (give the girls a kiss & a hug) and I will send another letter in the next couple of weeks. Stay healthy. Stay safe. Stay cool.

Catch you on the flipside.


Q. What did the two lesbian frogs say to each other?

A. You know, we do taste like chicken!

(I thought it would taste like fish!!!)

A bloke walked into a pub in Ireland and asked the barman “What is the quickest way to Dublin?” “Well den, are ye drivin’ or walkin’?” asked the barman. The bloke replied “I’ll be driving.” “Yep!”said the barman, “that’s de quickest way to Dublin.”

Har! Har! Hyuk! Hyuk! Ho! Hee! Haw! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ho! Hum!

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