Assange a Hero

Julian Assange, the mastermind behind Wikileaks and apparent most dangerous man in the world, is a hero. Would that I had half the courage and genius. Would that the world didn’t require such clandestine methods of exposing the truth. In the case of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, would that we didn’t need exposure of actual incidents to know that war inevitably results in outrageous horror and tragedy, brutal miscarriage of justice, the ultimate of crimes against humanity. But, apparently, we do.

The real horror of the Wikileaks video of the killing of Reuters reporters in Afghanistan was not the incident itself, but that it was but one example of normal operations. The recent release of thousands of classified documents detailing countless episodes of civilian slaughter has been criticised by the US for endangering Afghan informers. Seldom has irony reached such an order of magnitude.

The soldier who leaked the video and documents faces life in prison. Assange is a wanted man who can never live a normal life free of surveillance and the fear of a similar fate. Australia joins our ally in condemning him. The wars roll on unperturbed. The public remains largely oblivious. But I, for one, salute Assange, a hero in an age with too few. You can donate to Wikileaks here.

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