Beth Monzo

Present: John Griffiths, Jim Boots, Gertrude, Sharkie

Absent: Candy Pants

Our guest is Beth Monzo who is delightful, intelligent, cool, young, attractive, fantastic on the guitar and has an amazing voice. We hate her.

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Sharkie and Johnboy

Recorded on Tuesday 17th April, 2007

Track List:

Over My Head. 9:37
Two Simple Chords. 25:13
The Stars and Stripes. 35:32
Every Day Jeans. 47:31
Don’t Cry. 63:13

Beth and Gertrude

6 Responses to “INSATIABLE BANALITIES #72: Beth Monzo”

  1. Who’s this ‘we’ white man. The rest of us love her.

  2. Steady on… I don’t use the “L” word until at least after I’ve slept with someone.

    How about “really like”?

  3. Firstly: it was a small “l” not a big “L”.
    Second: the opposite of hate isn’t “really like”. It’s love.
    Third: lighten up would ya!

  4. OK, yes…

    Say NO to Hate!!

    Say NO to LOADEDOG!

    NO NO NO!!!

    (Ok, sorry, got a little carried away there)

  5. Don’t you realise it looks really bad when the only people commenting on the podcast are the cast…. comment withdrawn.

  6. We’re just manufacturing a buzz

    It’s ok as long as we’re witty.