Chiffon #133. The Australia Cup


The night before the polling day for the general election saw me sitting up long into the night studying the form guide for the Saturday events. One has to take a lot of factors into account when sorting out the field, factors such as gender, age, as well as physical abilities like running are all taken into account (There is an indicator for the running, the Gallop poll).

Enough of this silliness. I have a preference for the grey horses who have a long history of winning against seasoned campaigners. Gunsynd, The Gundawindi Grey, Juene,  another little filly that used to always run with her stable mate and win and win and then won the greatest race Australia has to offer.

Oh well, this year there is a filly (or is  it is a mare), a big red mare who up until now has not had the opportunity to run in her own right, her trainer  and connections preferring the less hectic schedule of accompanying her stable mate up until now.

I heard a little known fact that the majority of winners of the greatest race in Australia have had seven letters in their name, however that is not strictly true, however I know that was the thinking behind one of the greatest campaigns contesting the cup (Phar Lap). Another thing one doesn’t take into account and should is the role played by the bookies, who do their best to indicate through odds-on betting who are favorites and who are not, but therein seems to lie a conflict of interest, as they are attempting to make money out of you losing yours so I reckon you shouldn’t go to a bookie and ask him to tell the truth about who is going to win. I was  none the wiser for having checked the form guide, apart from knowing I was going to have a punt the next day, I still did not have a clue but I had narrowed it down, so I went to bed.

Upon waking I felt a little green around the gills. I hauled myself out of bed and made a cup of China green tea. For brekky I was going to have a liberal amount of vitamin B twelve (vegemite) on toast, but the bread (a few days old) had developed little green spores over it so I hurled it into my bin which needed emptying and I had just woken up so now I had to labour and I hadn’t even had any of my tea. I was really trying to remain independent of all the irritations that were surfacing in the house. I decided it was all too difficult so I grabbed my keys and went out to vote before I went to the T.A.B.

Luff Chiffon XXX


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